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The Monday Peeve 14

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog.

Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, and link back to me (or not ~ I dgaf), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen! I have feelings!



In the last ten days a few things have rankled me .. rankle being the polite word so as to not say ‘seriously fucked me off’, phew thank goodness l didn’t say that – right?

First, this was last week as a moment – but you may recall, l made mention to a game [online] l played for some chill out time and relaxation? You probably don’t but the game is a city builder –  It isn’t online per se, but it is — l bought the game, but as is the bloody way these days – you can’t just buy a game from an online retailer without joining a bloody community to boot. All l wanted was a boring geek orientated game that was if anything a micromanagement game – building cities in 1800!

So l bought the game back in late September joined the so called ‘community’, it wasn’t, it was just a way for the company to continually ‘own the game’ and download patches to it  .. and everything was dandy … despite a so called community – you don’t actually interact with anybody so that is hardly a community in my eyes! 

It’s a bit like here with the awards and the term ‘nomination’, they are NOT true nominations because the awarding is infinite! No prize for being nominated, hence why l say ‘Tagged and gifted because you don’t win anything.

So, despite having to join a community that is invisible because you are actually just buying a game – and not interacting ever … nope still doesn’t make sense looking at it in black and white. I played the game my way, chilled out and relaxed … however because my game was part of this global community and despite me having so called security!! I got my game hacked!! I lost my game, all of it .. some fricking guttersniping swine of a two legged human being decided to hack my so called security [the company’s] and steal my game and all my points!

Worse than that, l can’t do anything about it and double worse than that despite disengaging from the company they still send me notifications of the game that no longer belongs to me!!  I have had to put my bank on alert, the whole shebang!  The company basically said we can’t do anything because we still have you listed as the owner!! The best they can do is close the account, close the game but l still have to buy a new game at £60 … no way!

That’s peeve one!



The second peeve places me on the verge of volcanic annoyance, not often reached and most assuredly not wanted to be reached!

Scrappy bless her, hit 16 end November, living on borrowed time, anal cancer and crippling arthritis  and the most horrible evening K9 dementia, and yet l can not knock her true grit and determination for living her life!

She no longer walks miles and miles like she did as little as seven months ago – take today for instance, it is non stop rain here, but she is rote routined into her morning walk and so l get togged up in waterproof trousers, huge waterproof coat, hat and Wellingtons and it takes me roughly 15 minutes to get dressed up in comparison to her having her collar and harness attached.

We step out the door, turn left on the drive, walk very slowly up the hill, turn left and if we are lucky we get to the poo bin on the field 200 yards away or alternatively like today, we turned left and left again and then thirty feet further and after her morning poo she decides she is too tired to go any further – so we come home. Walk time 4-5 minutes.

She used to love being in the car, but now it causes her too much discomfort so she hasn’t been in the car on a ‘jolly’ since her last visit to the vets back in June. Suze drives a four by four and so because Suze was ill, and l was injured with my shoulder hoisting our little but not so light bundle of joy in and out of the car was a task and a half and so we haven’t been in the car with her since.

However her claws are getting longer, because despite walking she no longer hard walks the roads anymore and therefore they are not being worn down naturally. We have tried clipping her ourselves before to no avail, so we always before had to travel the 45 minutes to our vets in Canterbury. Before that was fine, when Scrappy wasn’t in the condition she is now – as in she doesn’t travel that well anymore, it was bad enough back in June!

So l tried this last week to organise a local [Deal based] dog groomer/s to visit our home [as in as they are mobile groomers] to come along and clip her claws for her and us. Could l get one? Nope, even the charities refuse to come to the house despite being offered a donation and paying for the service.

I have tried all the supposed dog groomers in Deal and Dover and none of them are willing to come out! “Would she like a wash and a groom? As a Christmas present?” One asked.

“I have just explained to you why we are not taking her to our vets, she is an elderly dog that is not travelling well and the distance of them to us is long, she just needs her claws done which is probably going to be stressful anyway and you expect me to pay for a sodding wash and groom??” I answered the question calmly.

“Sorry no wash and groom, no claws!” Phone went dead.

Another one, was all set up and expected to arrive, her ‘parlour’ is ten minutes away from where we live. I set it all up, gave her the address, the postcode, the telephone numbers and she said no problem ‘l know where you are’, l will be there Wednesday 11th 3pm. Great l thought.

She didn’t turn up, she Facebooked me and said “Sorry l cannot find you, and l need to go shopping in Canterbury can you bring the ‘doggie’ to me please in the next ten minutes?” Two hours before our appointment.

I rang her and said “Listen, the appointment is not until three it is currently 12.35pm, you agreed to this, l have explained the particulars of my dog’s problems and why we are trying to get a groomer to us for less stress for her? Do you have sat nav, or do you have access to  Google Maps? Because l assure you, you aren’t looking for us, you can’t get lost on the directions l gave you! We are seriously easy to find!”

“Well l am sorry l am busy!” The line went dead! I haven’t heard back from her since.

I have faced this all fricking week!

In the end, next Monday 23rd, Suze and l will take Scrappy down to the vets in Canterbury to have her claws clipped – which will cause her serious stress … l am so pissed off at the state of affairs with regards British so called business attitude i can’t put that into words here .. but trust me when l say ‘I am seriously vexxed!’

Before anyone asks, l actually bought a grooming kit for Scrappy to try and tackle this ourselves … she isn’t having any of that and we don’t wish to place stress on her legs  trying to make it happen.

These are my two peeves this week!


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16 thoughts on “Peeve Doesn’t Really Cover It!

      1. Hey Shellie – thank you – l am just worried and it annoys me that the people who could help seemingly are not bothered and then l also think – well l don’t want your kind of people anywhere near my dog if you can’t be bothered or it is too much hassle … it’s just very upsetting at times.

        1. Yes, I felt the same way after reading your post. I thought for people who were in that line of work, you would think someone would want to help out. In my town right now there is a woman who grooms dogs. Someone caught her on video doing some disturbing things, I may of let her slide a pinch if the dog was doing something wrong, he wasn’t though. I thought, how sad, you have lost everything you based your career on. I agree with you, and it worries me, as well.

        2. Hey Shelie, good afternoon to you.

          That’s exactly the problem, l don’t understand why people in these positions of responsibility – don’t do that … act responsible with their charges.

          Careers in today’s world can be shattered in an instance, more so than ever before.

          It’s not just sad, but deeply disturbing.

          Thanks for commenting, have yourself a lovely Hump Day Wednesday 🙂

  1. Sheesh! You’d think a mobile groomer would jump on an easy, quick job. They could even quote a higher price than usual and you’d probably take it, just to get it done. Stoooopid People! 😡

    And the game company? Seriously? Why cant they close that account and issue you a different access code or whatever. Freaking jerks probably did it on purpose. I’m so sick of greed & irresponsibility & greed. 🤬

    1. That is exactly my thoughts on both counts – game wise it is irresponsibility and a lack of ownership and as to the dog groomer l offered her double her fee to cover her for a ten minute journey. She charges £10 for a claw cut as a mobile groomer and l said l will pay you £20 as it is important to us to NOT stress Scrappy out. It’s extremely disheartening that with all the stress with Scrappy we are now going to have to stress her further 🙁

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