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“When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!”

“Harry, why did you want to meet me here of all places??
“I have a mysterious blind date to attend and l don’t wish to be lated!
Of all the days, why today did you choose to touch base?
“Whatever it is, could it not have simply waited?”

“Follow my finger John, NO don’t poke it, FOLLOW only!”
“Do you see in the sand there, just down aways from us ..
…. that’s a foot poking out from the dune, all naked and bony!
“Probably a skeleton, lost in an ocean of fantastical ruckus!”

“FFS Harry you do talk some absolute nonsense!!!
“What would a naked foot be doing here on Brighton beach?”

“Fall of the Roman Empire of course, common sense!”

“Oh silly, silly me,  l forgot all about the great Sussex seaside siege!”
“You have a very dark mind, and a yearning for the fabulous …
…. how can you even determine such a thing here in the twilight?”

“I know my ‘istory young fella, l also know of the mysterious curse!
“The one about the two Roman brothers rising at before midnight!”

“Seriously?? Not being funny, but it’s Christmas time,
… it’s about being festive, an uplifting and tasteful adventure,
“Into merriment .. not all of this frosty ‘spooky’ pantomime!”

“Mark my words, this is NOT some tale of the obscure!
“It’s a quadrennial event, happens every four years you know?
“Lasts for four years too, it looks like it’s going to start tonight!”
“I expect it to start about now – look you can see the glow..
… beneath the sands, they are rising … it’s a real delight!

“What is that? Oh my , no, this cannot be so?!”
“Is one of them dead? Why is the other carrying him?”

“Well you see John, that’s where you step in you know!”
“I need your help tonight, otherwise it’s four years of grim!”

“My help, why me , l have zero knowledge of these things!

“Just as well then John, y’see they need blood to survive,
“I’ve been looking after these lads postwar,
…. and what they need every four years is a human sacrifice!
“Therefore …”

“Harry, no please, we have been mates for years,
“I didn’t mean to be so angry and hostile before, l am just late!”

“Worry not Johnny old boy, l am about to allay all your fears!
“I was the one who set up the false blind date!!”

“Do you mean that there is nobody further down the beach..
… awaiting my arrival? No one at all to fill my lonely nights?
“That it’s all been a dreadful ruse to allow a murdering to unleash,
“…. and to use my lifeless body in some bizarre sacrificial delight?”

“Well it’s got to be done John, It’s got to be done..
… l am not some saint in a halo you know,
“I can’t help the fact that l am these here lad’s guardian,
“It’s just your time is up, and when you gotta go, you gotta go!”

© Rory Matier 2019


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9 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!

  1. A totally gruesome story. Very masterfully done with fitting in all these prompts.
    Thanks for joining in the prompt. 🙏

    1. Yep, becoming more and more twisted by the day 🙂

      But it does look like a foot, don’t you think? That looks like a knife in his hand, he is wearing some kind of funny hat and the other chap is looking dapper – so he is not dressed for the beach ,mawahahaha! The sandals of the other two look bony as well …..

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