Thursday Inspiration 34 – 12/13th December 2019

Thursday Inspiration is the creation of Paula of Light Motif II

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt post and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction. If you’d like to share your writing with the community, please indulge me and tag your post with #p0eticlicense and/or #lightm0tifs, and of course link back if you wish. I will try to visit everyone who participates. 🙂

This week’s theme is city and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “In the City” recorded by Joe Walsh in 1979:

I was born here in the city
With my back against the wall
Nothing grows, and life ain’t very pretty
No one’s there to catch you when you fall


Taxi driver, struggling writer!!!

Somewhere …
…. Out there … way out there on the horizon,
Is a fare,
…. Waiting for my arrival, for my rising!
No, that’s not right! Is it arising, or maybe arriving?
l have already twice used arrival ..
…too many arrs and that is an eyeful!
Need to be more mindful!
Way out there, somewhere,
in the city, is a fare,
Awaiting collection … collection?

Mm, writing and being a taxi driver,
Isn’t easy,
… more so when listening to Joe Walsh on the radio,
Crooning about being in the city,
it ain’t pretty,
…it ain’t pretty alright it’s shitty!
But finding it, that’s the challenge.
… next to the weather!
What rhymes with that? Orange?
Shouldn’t listen to the radio when writing,
…. but what else am l to do?
I am waiting for my next fare
.. which is totally unexciting!
Try your hand at poetry they said, they’re,
… easy, but not when driving,
Not that l do write when behind the wheel
… that would just be dangerous,
Plus holding the pencil would be hard, real
..hard! It would endanger us …
Damn, not us, that should be me!
It’s these city streets, day to day,
..They just steal your soul!
All day you drive, drive and drive away ..
Takes its toll!
You know?
Maybe you don’t, why should you?
Dammit! I wanted at least four lines,
…of something other than nothing,
Sitting here, day in day out,
Picking up fares, going to this place,
That place, the other places too,
Is enough to drive a taxi driver insane!
Now come on think, what have you got to work with?

Taxi driver, struggling writer,
Mundanity, banality, anality!
Not enough cash, never enough money,
Life sucks, it bloody ain’t funny!
Want to be a writer,
Need to make my claim ,
Tired of pulling all-nighters,
Just want some fame!
Not sitting here listening to the radio,
… and the croons of Joe Walsh,
Maybe l could write a Broadway show?
Buy and own a Porsche!
That’s a bit old hat,
But who cares l am like that!
Don’t need to be a millionaire ..
… just rich enough to not drive a taxi,
Make my monies and bid adios and farewell,
… to this yellow box on wheels metal cabby!
It’s not like l want a lot,
That’s the real biter ..
.. actually, to be anything, just NOT,
A taxi driver, struggling writer!!!

© Rory Matier 2019

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