I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat! 1993 – 2011

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I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat! 1993 – 2011


Big cat sightings in the UK – where have they been spotted and what are the latest theories?


Big cats in Britain: urban myth or scientific fact?

Last year there abouts, l managed to get into my original Facebook account, for some reason it had gotten hacked and l lost entry to it back in 2011, and then low and behold in 2018 l was able to gain entry again and once in, well to say l was confused was an understatement. It hadn’t been hacked as l was led to believe, but FB had somehow screwed up my logging … anyway … what l was able to retrieve were roughly around 160 photographs of my pack of dogs, the time l bred thousands of gerbils and quite a few on the animals l used to work with.

I don’t have all my original photographs of the animals l worked with – there were roughly between 3 – 4000 images that sadly became damaged due to a faulty computer when l lived in the caravan. So it was a real joy to be able to at least reclaim some of the lost photos from my old business Facebook account.

Today’s story is ‘not’ so much a ‘story or tale reality fiction piece’, but more of a reality post, it also has a long time window to it, because it’s not just one story – but several involving ‘large cat sightings’ that l have experienced personally.

I have had the joys of working with a lot of large cat species, but equally with many smaller to medium sized species over the years. In addition to this, l was and had been involved back in the very early part of the millenium working on the importation of feline species to the United Kingdom for both private collections and or game park and small zoos’.

The species l have worked with include like the image above the lynx, but also cheetah, tiger, lion, leopard, wildcat, servals, ocelots, Geoffroy’s and Fishing cats.  In addition to that, l have a pretty good understanding of a lot of the cat species in the felidae family.  I worked alongside cats, l have also been involved in sightings of cats as well. Never mind my work with pussy cats of the domestic kind. I happen to be a lover of all cats.

Now, interestingly enough in the spring of this year, l happenchanced upon two articles in the newspapers concerning ‘large cat sightings’. One was the potentiality of a ‘Leopard’ loose in Dartmoor and another was about a possible pawprint of very large cat in Cornwall. Of course those two could well be the same cat at a bizarre stretch [as some would like to believe], as large cats have a very wide range feeding territory … however realistically – l strongly suspect not!

Is a leopard on the loose on Dartmoor? Animal expert says 5ins wide pawprint is ‘convincing’ evidence that a big cat is on the prowl after ‘animal ran at a dog owner’


‘Panther’ big cats in Cornwall claims return after dog attack, paw print and video evidence

These stories are oft poo poohed and many nay sayers are all for saying ‘poppycock’, but the United Kingdom has had big cat sightings for a good many years, and more so with the arrival of the DWAL [Dangerous Wild Animal Licence 1976]  in the 70’s which affected a lot of big privately owned collections and their owners who did not wish to declare to the authorities what they had in their collections and so heavily denied of course – they loosed them into the likes of ‘Dartmoor’ and other barren, isolated and heavily wooded and forested spaces, rather than have to buy a licence and therefore that would mean that the local government would know what collections were holding, species wise.

Despite what many people think – small, medium and large cats could ‘effectively’ live off the countryside – we have enough food to sustain them – pending their size of course. They would eventually die out, they wouldn’t be able to reproduce unless two large feline species chanced upon each other and hybrid mated – that’s entering the arena of the cryptozoologist perhaps, because they are also involved in many of these investigations. These large cat sightings are more commonly referred to as ABC’s – Alien Big Cats.

Every year we hear and read of more large cat sightings, they hit the media for a while and then die down or are hushed up .. the last thing people want to hear about are large cats prowling around their villages!

Five times big cats have been seen in Gloucestershire in the past year

Are there big cats around? Yes, yes there are … and not just those, found in the likes of zoos and game parks, but there are collectors still who have large cats on their premises. Of course, sometimes … cats escape their enclosures and then you have big cats on the loose!


The cat in this image is a 16 -18 week old Cheetah – legally imported into the UK in 2006 via DEFRA and coming in from from a European game park and this was sold to a client of mine. She had all the necessary paperwork, licences and she had built a massive enclosure which was more fortified than the Bank of England. I visited this lovely and beautiful animal in 2008 and at that time, she was stunning! I heard in 2011 that my client had in fact managed to secure a mate so she could breed, and she had managed this via a local zoo. [Collaboration breeding programmes]

So l know for an absolute fact that l personally have imported large cats into the UK – this cheetah was the second but last cheetah l brought in at of a total of 6 that went privately or into game parks. However, l was also responsible for the arrival of Oceolots, Servals, Geoffroy’s and Fishing, Scottish Wildcat, Tigers, one Lion and three Leopards – as said whether l imported them direct or worked closely with others who did the importing for my client base.

In 2005, l visited a number of German game parks to observe the breeding programmes of medium sized to large sized feline species, with a view to offering these to large private collections and game parks in the UK. The game park specialised in the breeding of what many call hybrid colour variants of tigers, lions, ocelots and servals.

White Lion Cubs – 2005 – Germany


White Tiger Cubs – 2005 – Germany

White lion cub – 2005 – Germany


Ocelot Kitten 2005 – Germany


Serval Kittens – 2005 – Germany


So, l am kind of ‘aware’ of what cat species look like, l have been referred to as a ‘reliable witness’ because of that knowledge.

From 1993 – 2011 l have witnessed and been called to aid investigation of 6 sightings or incidents involving large cats. Three of the incidents were in one location in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire where l used to live with my then wife and three seperate incidents of witnessing at times up close and personal large cats and 1 incident when out with Suze and Scrappy in Bourne Woods in 2014 where l chanced upon a large paw print. But, l’ll tell you all about them in part 2.

Thanks for reading … Rory

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13 thoughts on “I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat! 1993 – 2011

  1. I hate those three words… “to be continued…”
    Looking forward to the 2nd part!

    We have Mountain Lions in the back country around here. Sometimes hikers or joggers spot them🐾

  2. Wow! I guess is quite an experience working with these animals or even only seeing them! Legally imported I guess are ok but only if the owner provide them the appropriate conditions of living!
    Lately I don’t like to go to the zoos anymore because I see the distress of the animals…Singapore has an amazing zoo, “no cages”, it “seems” like they’ve created the animals habitat but then why the animals are so distressed? Nah…I agree with Marty from Madagascar movie…escape into the wild 😜

    1. Hey Ribana, yes l am aware of Singapore zoos as indeed many of the Eastern and Asian ones and in the last 20 years especially they have made huge leaps and bounds with making the environments for their animals more organic and ambient. Which is excellent.

      I had a reputation when l was active of never selling to clients that didn’t have the right environments for their charges – so bigger was always better, more organic was always more environmental.

      I think the problem is thatnone of the animals are safe in the world anymore and if we lived in a perfect world then animals would be safe in their environments but sadly they are not – zoos are not the answer – l am a very different person in 2020 to the livestock broker in 2000 – whilst l was environmentally concerned twenty years ago, l am more so today.

      What we truly need are 100% safe and secure conservation projects for all animals which would be a start, but then we have to protect the kingdoms environments which are currently under as a big if not bigger threat at present from deforestations and so called digital expansions .. sadly there are not many safe environments for animals anymore.

      But at least we have top notch zoos that do at least try to get it right … in the next 20 years it could well only be the zoos that actually have animals.

      1. You are right Rory! Environment is not safe either nowadays and people keep destroy everything they touches…I just wish people could be more thoughtful about our environment and fauna!

        1. Yes so do l, it’s like in the last 20 years things were already bad ‘worldwide’ for species and yet in that twenty years we have seen vast swathes of flora and fauna destruction that is almost ten fold what the destructions were from 1920 – 2000 – it ‘s frightening and heartbreaking at the same time – people, societies, cultures of people have no respect whatsoever for anything these days.

          There is this almost damning on all specie .. l shudder at the prospect of our tomorrows.

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