Somewhere Down There!

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Somewhere Down There!

“Right Oliver, explain it to me like l am six!”
“But where again did you sink the body?”
“… err well that’s a good question, l used bricks!”
“Okay, so at least you weren’t shoddy…”

“But again l ask the question, where exactly..?”
“Mm, indeed, it’s a good question, the area is so vast ..
“Ahm, l had a drink before hand, so sadly ….
“I gave you one simple task!!!!”

“Well it’s so dark here, l mean there is hardly any light!”
“My memory is kind of slim, sorry Dad?”
“Right, you’re sorry, that makes it alright!”
” … and the best you can do is say “Oops my bad?!”

“I am trying to help you become a body disposer!”
“However, one of the secrets is to remember where ..
…. exactly you dumped the body Oliver!
“Well, at a push, somewhere down there!”

“Down where? Here, there, everywhere, where?”
“Where is ‘somewhere down there?”
“Oh l don’t know Dad, it’s all a bit of a nightmare!”
“I mean look at this place, it’s barren and bare!”

“Who cares where the body is, he was dead!”
“It’s not like we can do anything about it!!”
“Alright calm down Ollie, don’t get upset.”
“We will just try and explain to your Mother,

“…. that somehow it was an accident…
“And her brother ..”
“Got lost in the woods, which is kind of frequent…
“Down here during the bear season!”

“Oh thanks Dad, l mean l didn’t know it was Uncle Bill!”
“I wouldn’t have shot him, as l was believing,
“It was a porcupine, letting loose of it’s quills!”
“But upon closer inspection, l saw him there … dead!”

“With a big ol’ hole in the chest!”
“Oh well Oliver, sadly these things happen, and as said,”
“He’s gone now, and hopefully at rest!”
“Somewhere down there on the sunken cave bed!”

© Rory Matier 2019

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