Are You Your Star Sign Personality?

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Are You Your Star Sign Personality?


I studied astrology when l was in my early twenties and l don’t mean just looking at my star sign in the daily paper … l mean l sat down and studied it in some detail, more deeply than this question asks of you – l used to know the personalities of all the star signs and understood the connections in the wider picture of things – l was quite taken with it all – these days l have only a little interest in it and that’s not saying no interest, but not as passionate as l was thirty odd years ago .. it became just another feather to my cap of ‘stuff l had a hankering for and to learn about’. Back then, it was an essential part of my own personality to ‘learn it’ and then use it to my benefit.

It was an utterly fascinating subject matter to be totally absorbed with for a good couple of years and l learned much about myself equally as l learned about other people and people in general.

My birth sign is Taurus as in April 21 – May 21 and of all the traits and attributes l have under that sign like .. stubborness although l prefer to use the term unwavering once l reach a decision or even determined,  l can be a little ‘possessed’ but l again prefer to use the term ‘ perserverence’, l mean why do something half heartedly? Some might tell you Taurus are materialistic? Well l am not that way inclined, now l am not going to deny that l like nice things, but l make things last and some of my things last a long, long and long time! I am quite practical on that level – if l am going to buy something, l would rather spend a bit more on quality than buy cheaply and be disappointed quicker!

I can be patient, truth be known whilst l can be clumsy with time, l have the patience of a team of oxen – you might read from others who say we bulls are immovable and l strongly disagree with that … l have a very open mind, and if someone can truthfully with logic convince me that their way of thinking is more direct and correct – l will always change my stance … l just like facts. But l don’t tolerate bullshit!

I am a pretty sensitive bull, science might declare that we are not and that we are unfeeling .. but again, l call the bullshit on that! I feel things and on the other side of that coin l have a tendency to be pretty sensual  as well, l have a fondness for certain things and a desire for a lot of pleasures to be met with from  – it has on the odd occasion landed me in in some serious hot pickles!

The bull is notorious for being a bit of a plodder, and l am not going to say yay or nay to that, l can agree to not being overly rushed with everything in life, but this doesn’t mean that if l have to move and make decisions fast – that l can’t perform to requirement – because l can, but like most things in life – l enjoy taking my time. I am a determined thinker, to the point that many a time, Suze and countless people before her have often wondered if l am listening to them … l can answer that now – pretty much l am listening to them … most of the time, well sometimes and probably!

I take my pleasures pretty seriously, my chill time, my down times – whether this be for relaxations, my sexuality or even sensuality – there are some things YOU DO NOT rush and l am and always have been very open to new ideas and adventures.

So am l close to the Taurus personality? Yeah not bad, but l also share traits with Saggitarius, Scorpio and Virgo


But that’s me, how about you – Are You Your Star Sign Personality?

Let me know below…

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29 thoughts on “Are You Your Star Sign Personality?

  1. We all have our unique personalities. There are more than 12 type of people in the world.
    Having said that, I am a clumsy Sagittarius. But that’s about it.

  2. I am a called a “triple Leo” by a lady who did my astrological charts many years ago. I have no blessed idea if I am a “good Leo” or something else entirely.

  3. I’m Pisces (Feb 18 to March 20). The description of my personality vis a vis this star sign is “A mutable sign, Pisces effortlessly adapts to their surroundings. These visionary fish have unparalleled access to the collective unconscious through their clairvoyance and make incredible artists and creatives. Kind and gentle, they’re invigorated by shared experiences of music and romance.” This description used to fit me well, it’s not as accurate now. I’m becoming less and less mutable (adaptable) as time marches on. I’m empathic, but have little chance to use that ability (and thankfully so honestly). But I’m not clairvoyant. I also have no use for romance. So it fits and it doesn’t. Just like my fish sign.

  4. I am a Virgo and where once I was a perfectionist and hard on myself I have changed. I do like neat and tidy spaces. I abhor clutter. However I am no longer worried about things being perfect. I no longer am really hard on myself. Critical yes but am working on that. .I am not sure where that puts me on the astrological chart then. 🙂

    1. I think we all change as we age Jay-Lyn astrologically speaking, when younger l was very much a Bull, however as the years and life has shaped me, l am a bit of everything now 🙂

        1. I’m a Taurean too! I can be fairly stubborn once I set my mind on something but I can be flexible too. I like nice fabrics and a feeling of cosiness at home but otherwise I’m not all that materialistic (except when it comes to buying second hand books!) 🙂

  5. They make the list of traits long enough that anyone can find things to match. I’m also a Taurus, but impatient and more materialistic than you. I like nice things, and I’m super into my home space. It has to be just right or I get very anxious. I’m not that stubborn about most issues and can go along to get along because I hate arguing. When I get sick, it’s usually with a sore throat like Tauruses are supposedly prone to. I can be sensual and pleasure-seeking but it’s more important to me to feel safe and secure, which is why at my advanced age I’ve had few adventures.

    1. Hey Paula, ha ha yes they do …it’s like choosing toppings for the pizza ..”Yeah, l would some of that please, what? Yes, yes Stubborness please, oh be generous!!2 🙂 LOL

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