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So You Like Creating Questions Right?

The sole purpose of The Question Hub is to produce, generate and create ‘questions’ asked by bloggers of blogger’s for 2 new series l have planned for next year called   – “In-Blog Life” and Magazine on a Bench!

These series will sit within the catagory of Bloggers GLOSSop  – which is to be a cosmopolitan hub for readers for this blog allowing for conversation and community to really explore itself.

In Blog Life is a question series – readers can select weekly five questions of their choice from a wide range of topics, to answer and should they so wish create a post – alternatively they can answer the questions they have selected in the comments section of the weekly post itself.

Magazine on a Bench is a topical series where upon guest writers pen a post on the subject matter in a discussion styled format.

The Question Hub Directory

Currently l am looking for assistance with question and ‘topic’ creation for the two series above The Question Hub Directory can be accessed using the password HUB and the link for that page is under the word HUB itself below so you can view the layout and some of the questions already created and give you an idea of what is expected.

When you do create a question please in brackets afterwards  include the topic your question is relevant to. Also if you can think of any new ‘Topics’ please add these in to the comments section.

Today l am looking for question creation with the topics of :

Dating, Relationships, Friendship, Being You, Only You and Honesty?  So, can you think of any questions?

Many thanks Rory

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