Well You Prompted Me!!

Well You Prompted Me!!

Three prompts caught my attention today these being from the following wonderful bloggers and their delightful blogs!


Di’s words – alternate, it, turn


Fandango’s Word = Map

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Paula’s Thursday Inspiration ………

This week’s theme is home and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Home” recorded by Lene Lovich in 1978:

Home is where the heart is
Home is so remote
Home is just emotion
Sticking in my throat


Might Contain Ridiculousness

It was my turn to make the visiting simian’s tea,
Not a favoured pekoe of mine it must be said,
For preference, l like the bitterness of coffee,
… especially the stronger blends, as it goes to me head!
But l had drawn the shortest straw of the batch,
… and so as the rules of the dome dictate,
Was down to me to make something from scratch,
Oh well, bad luck aside, l guess it was fate!
Y’see, it’s not so much the tea,
I hate, but the so-called device we must use,
It’s like an entity from an alternate reality,
… and personally something on occasion l tend to abuse!
Not that l tell ‘Them’ inside the dome,
THAT most assuredly would be seriously bad …
Y’see they like these little earthen syndromes,
Their funny idiosyncrasies, trends and fads!
I mean look what l have to work with,
Honestly, what on the planet is this supposed to be?
Some green shaped containment filled with fruity pith..
…  well it borders on nonsense and ridiculously ..
Who actually wants to drink this herbal monstrosity?
Well actually, The Them do, those in the Dome,
Those who think this strange mash from a million ..
…light years away, is going to make them feel at home,
BUT hardly fitting for extra terrestrial crocodilians
Like us!
But who am l to argue the toss with the Them?
The ensuing hassle isn’t worth the fuss,
… doesn’t stop me from adding some delightfully spicy phlegm!
However for the time being, l must map out..
… this silliness they tend to call ‘the special brew’,
Mixing all the ingredients with me long snout,
Which always tickles and l ,l, l aah, aah achoo!
Oops, well that’s alright as a shady looking beverage,
For the Them, it’s not like they are an intellectual lot,
They’re intergalactical monkeys, just above average!
So they’ll have to put up with me and my snot!

© Rory Matier 2019

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