Are You Awake Yet?

Are You Awake Yet?


A Right Proper Thursday Peeve for The Monday Peeve Prompt –

The Monday Peeve 12


Any Monday to Friday in 1978 ……… it was still a schoolday in that year and at 6.30am sharp my radio alarm would wake up and so too would l and usually to the voice of DLT aka Dave Lee Travis … l would continue to listen to Radio 1 Morning show DJ’s until 2012. I went through a lot of them, l started with as said,  DLT, then it was my huge fave Mike Read, then Mike Smith, Simon Mayo, Mark Goodier, Steve Wright, Chris Evans, Mark and Lard, Greening and Ball, Zoe by herself, Sara Cox and finally l finished off with eight years of Moyles, Chris!

1978 – 2012 dayum!!

34 years of Radio 1 wake up … after that l actually stopped listening to Radio 1, l grew tired of it all the newer so called music, l was getting older. I was 15 when l first woke up to Radio 1 and when l switched it off l was 49! I hardly listen to Radio 1 anymore and joined the fuddy duddies of Heart. [Non UK Residents will be mostly lost by now … but hey, that’s the way of life … right?]

However, back to 1978 and even know, l was already awake at 6.30am, l would listen to about 15 minutes worth of morning show chatter and vibes, before getting up  and showering and shaving [yep started at 14 for me!], and facing and braving a brand new day of school, parents, home life and just life in general as a 15 year old geek! But one of the most annoying parts of the wake up routine, was irrelevant to whether it was a weekday or the weekend my father would deliberately barge into my room and yell “Are you awake yet??”

It was a real peeve back then, luckily however once l left home, l didn’t have to worry about it all … l had other fish to fry!

Why all this? Well this morning, my alarm woke me up at 7am, and like every morning l lay there, pretty much like what is now 41 years ago … l lay there for 15 minutes gathering my thoughts, thinking about the day ahead, life in general and thinking about all the aches, creaks and pains one experiences as we get older .. then l think what is it about the male organ? Why is it always awake, so alert, not just awake but seriously awake? Why is the rest of my body not made out of the same material? Then l think why do they not make planes out of the same material as the black box, that is apparently indestructable pretty much like the ol’ tent pole himself … well maybe ladies don’t think like that, but trust me men do – it’s one of the mysteries of the world!”


But as l lay there contemplating life and the certain elasticity of materials, the radio was blaring and could l understand a single word of it? Nope! You know why? Because where we are in Kent, right on the coast, France’s just a stone’s throw away .. l manage to pick up every single sodding station it seems in Europe and not anything in Kent! Each and every day l am listening to yet another European station! It matters not how l much l twiddle it [the radio] it is always awake to other musics. Finally, after twiddling for a few minutes l came across a station that was English or at least the song was … l think.

Could l understand a single word of this song? Nope, not a single bloody word … groaaan, groooan is all l heard with the occasional word of comprehension … which then made me think about an incident over the weekend just gone involving The Pussycat Dolls who appeared on the X-Factor UK – l am not unfamiliar with them, they are not my ‘thang’ per se, and in truth, l didn’t see the show, l am not a fan of these singing shows – but The Pussycat Dolls have gotten back together after a decade apart and are now on a reunion tour. Their first performance caused an uproar from the audience and they received a whopping complaint to Ofcom in consideration to their overtly risque choice of song and costume? I read it in the news and just shook my head, l don’t get it … when did we become so prudish as a people?

Maybe it’s because l am older, maybe it’s because risque was part of my main way of life for so many years. Sex, sexuality has never bothered me. Then l thought perhaps because l am sometimes deemed as inappropriate myself that certain things don’t bother me, but they might bother others? I don’t know, so l watched the performance and still was none the wiser as to why they got all these complaints? I mean, someone high up – passed this performance for the show? Did no one think at the time to consider the demograph? Has marketing gone out of the window? Understanding the audience?

Pussycat Dolls’ risque performance sparks hundreds of complaints

Apparently the argument is because this raunchiness was before the watershed? Gees, l must be getting too old or something? I still don’t understand what the big hoo ha is all about?  “It’s a family show and this act, this trashy sleeze, well it’s disgusting!!” Is the general chant of disgruntlement from viewers.

Media in this country makes me laugh yes folks LAFF! It always seems to be a case of double standards .. what? So no, media has ever shown raunchy images of their own to up their ratings? But of course, the slammer is ‘it is not the right portrayal of an image for young women today?’ Okay l get that equally as much as l understand the mental health side and the eating disorders side, BUT that would still be the argument after the watershed as well surely?

So moving away from that confusion … yesterday l saw two more articles which confused me further and l suppose maybe placing me onto the official l am getting old stage?

A question l often ask, and l am not alone in this … but are we becoming ‘too politically correct, and in the process we have lost sight of all sorts of just simple things?’

In 1997, l got my first PC it was a desktop Dell, that was the word back then – PC – now it means Politically Correct. Are we just seeing things deliberately and then try to become offended by them, even if we are not? Should l be offended by this? Personally probably not, l mean there are serious issues in the world today that being correct culturally and so on is not wrong, but common sense and right. But that doesn’t mean that everything is wrong, surely? How can everything be wrong ?

It appears that the younger than my generation, seemingly is upset and sensitive to everything – how are we,  me, you, them and us able to keep up with it all?


Words have power … but words have ALWAYS had power!”

It used to be that we could discuss things freely, that’s the beauty of a democratic society .. NO, l am not defending those who should know better and very deliberately cause offronting behaviour – that isn’t acceptable, irrelevant to whether people want it to be, a lot of anti social behavior is never acceptable. Behaviour and language deliberately aimed to cause upset and damage is not  acceptable! But are we taking things too far? I don’t know, l am only 56 and yet there are days when l feel like l am 156 – l feel more antiquated than ancient Greece!


So, anyway, yesterday … l saw this .. the new Christmas Peloton advert for its exercise bike. I first read about this ‘bike’ in Cosmopiltan the magazine – l guess about two – three months ago and the reviewer who gave it very high scores was a journalist in her late twenties or early thirties and she praised it highly. My own mother spoke to me about it about the same time and she was thinking of getting one and hinted that perhaps her son might like to get it for her. Well this bike ranges in price from around £1300 – £2300 – which is a LOT of money!

“That’s a lot of money mum and coming from someone who baulks at me if l buy her flowers costing £30 for her birthday!!” I said.

In the end, l bought her a smaller bike, but not the Peloton.

The advert was criticised for being sexist and dystopian – the advert refers to it as “The Gift That Gives Back”. Well l watched this advert, as indeed did Suze and we were left wondering why this was considered ‘sexist?’

Personally, l don’t think the advert is handled right, as an ex advertising man, l would have done it slightly differently – l can see [a very small % of me why there might be this reaction], but still l am confused. Even Suze asked of me, “Are you hinting at getting this for me?”

No, l answered, l just wanted to know your thoughts and watch your reaction to it is all. Do you find this advert sexist? No, she answered, l see it for what it is, ‘an exercise bike’. Be great for the house…

That’s pretty good, because if it had been me handling the advert,  l would have said it was a great gift for the house for both to use. Suze said she wouldn’t be adverse if we got one for the house or even just her …. mm.

I mean it’s an exercise bike, l AM even contemplating buying one for us … shit l could do with some more exercise seriously. What about people who like ‘working out?’  I have recently bought myself a way smaller exercise routiner just for my legs .. with Scrappy not able to walk miles as she used to, a morning walk now might be, ten minutes and because of the way she is … it is easier to have one of us here for her, so it’s very lucky l work from means however, that l can’t always just go for a walk during the day so much now. But l watched this advert and thought ‘Oh wow, this is the bike, my 79 year old mum talked about and l read about in September.

Again, something l don’t understand … if we are deliberately finding fault with something and if this is PC too far again, or alternatively l am just getting older and maybe just dumber?


Then to cap it all, yesterday afternoon, l read about Ulrika Jonsson’s new advert for the over 50’s dating site Lumen. Ulrika is herself 52/3 years of age. But the new advert has been banned for being offensive?

Ulrika Jonsson’s sexy santa dating advert ‘banned’ for being too ‘offensive’


Image – Mirror – Story by Tiffany Wallis

“Be my stocking filler” is the tag line …. and it’s being banned because it might cause offence?

I am struggling to understand, why is everything seemingly so offensive? Especially given, that when you are over the hill as ‘the generation of above 50’s are classed. Not just dating wise, but to youngsters the very notion that 50+ might still have a libido, a sexual drive and an inclination to want to feel young again. I mean hell, women have to go through the damn menopause which l assure you is no party for any woman – hot flushes and the shit that goes with it – it is NOT an easy ride. Many marriages break up because of the menopause and women aged above 50 feel pretty damn desolate if not invisible to the rest of the world. Women still want to feel wanted, desired and sexy as do men.

The whole thing is just crazy, that here we all are in the years of the millenium and yet we have stepped back to the ages of old and are welcoming back a new era of Victoriana – how does that work?

Anyway, after 15 minutes of lying in bed contemplating this ‘exciting world of ours’ l decided to switch the damn radio off and just get up!



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8 thoughts on “Are You Awake Yet?

  1. I hate to in any way defend The Peloton ad now that that idiot Ben Shapiro has decided it’s fine, but to me the whole issue with the bike is that the husband gave it to the wife, which is what has people in a tizzy. Instead of concluding that she might have wanted it or is obsessed with fitness herself (just look at her), they leap to the idea that this off-screen husband is a monster who is forcing his poor wife to look perfect for him. Why couldn’t she have bought the bike for herself? Or maybe it was a gift but we don’t know from whom. People are way too focused on the giver of the gift when we know nothing about his motives.

    If there is anything to criticize about the ad, it’s that the woman is already thin so why is she biking like a maniac instead of doing something more useful? And what’s wrong with a cheap bike or walking for fitness and using the Peloton money for charity? But it’s Christmas and we can’t think like that. We must leap on the PC sexism horse and beat it to death.

    1. That is it exactly Paula, we ‘don’t know’ the motives nor the backstory – but this advert isn’t that bad … it’s pitched the right demograph, and the ambience is spot on for that demograph.

      The article l read a few months ago, sold the concept on those that wanted to exercise, but might not have the time for community/ gym exercising and that whole tribal effect of exercising as one.

      It was [article] and the actual advertising campaign is aimed at what used to be the eighties yuppies market – so the young and up and coming families who have a bit more splash cash, have opted for a single child and the pitch goes on like that … l think it’s a good overall advert knowing what l know from reading and also advertising, but l think that many people are very quick to snap judge and also, because the quality of advertising is NOT what it used to be and is at times all over the place – people often misinterpret so much advertising that they do not really take into consideration – the demography behind the 1] product or 2] the capture market and so, they ‘basically’ don’t get it.

      They instantly think the husband has a hidden and nefarious reason for getting his wife onto the bike, however she already looks like she is busy and her life is busier, but she might want to do exercise but not social exercising.

      Pitch wise, the advert is aimed right … but l think they could have avoided this by making it a dual bike.

  2. My younger daughter is quite caught up in the millennial social justice thing, so I’ve been “schooled” on many causes. I can see where a lot of the complaints come from, but I think things have gone too far.

    I, like most people I think, want to be sensitive to others, but in the current culture it’s often difficult to know what to say or how to act. Every word, every action will offend *someone*.

    I dont understand the controversy over the Pussycat Dolls act. They’re called the Pussycat Dolls for cryin out loud! Duh! They’re not gonna do conservative stuff.

    I dont know… maybe because the only really sexist thing I’ve ever personally encountered was the double standard of sexuality. (Guys are just being guys, but if a girl has sex whenever & with whoever she wants, she’s a slut.) Maybe I’m out of touch, using my “priviledge” but I dont get a lot of the issues being shouted about. It’s just a bunch of shouting and no one listening

    1. Yes, like you Angie, l don’t get it … l am pretty open to a lot of things, l think l am at times way more open than many so called open minded youngsters, but it and lot of other ‘normal issues’ don’t make any sense being put under the NO GO hammer.

      I am starting to feel seriously older than l should. I am not that old, l am not that young any more, we are at our age supposedly wiser and yet the youngsters tell us we are uneducated in life?? Like what the good grief fuckitty doodle duck does that mean?

      It’s gone too far and yet to voice that opinion means you are this, that and any other label that sits right at the time in the moment with the accusers.

      The Pussycat Dolls – exactly , they are not called The Primsisters or something are they 🙂

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