Blogging Insights #9 – I think l Am Going …. KKKKKKKKKrazyy!


Drtanya@saltedcaramel runs and maintains a series entitled ‘Blogging Insights’

This is not my first time with Tanya’s prompt, l like the series for the depth it offers, but also, l was prompted and inspired to answer this one because of Paula’s response to it.


Blogger Burnout

You must have come across this term in posts about blogging. Today’s topic is completely opposite of last week’s Blogging Insights when we discussed being grateful for blogging. This goes to show what a diverse field blogging is, its various aspects being limited only by the number of bloggers.

Today’s Questions


I think l Am Going …. KKKKKKKKKrazyy!

What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

I would say a complete and utter reluctance, motivation and enthusiasm to produce content for your blog and quite possibly a loss of concentrative focus. Not too dissimilar to ‘writer’s block’, but on a much grander scale. No passion to create anything anymore.

Have you ever suffered from blog related stress?

No, not ‘blogger burnout’, more along the lines of a ‘time burnout’ – not enough time to get everything done. I tend to get more stressed at other aspects of the whole blogging and bloggers experience, but not the blog itself.  I have a huge vexation with the Likemonli Monsters. But hey, every tribe has them.

The start of this year, l started to change the way l ‘blogged’ anyway, and l did so to alleviate time pressures as well as observing, watching, reading and listening to other bloggers and their comments. By the middle of this year, l then started to work the new strategies in and here l am six months later, well ahead of my deadline.

I have learned a lot both deliberately and without deliberation from other bloggers concerning blogging, likes and dislikes and how to combat certain things.

My biggest stress was trying to read other blogger’s content on a regular basis, l did get seriously stressed with trying to find balance.

What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

I answer now from the perspective of not someone who was wanting to ‘give up on their blog because of burn out’ per se, but as someone who had to really come to grips with making more time available for other ventures that were equally as time consuming as blogging.

At one point about 6 months ago l contemplated walking away from the whole blogging journey to concentrate in other areas mostly business because l suffer from an inability to moderate my time … but decided to think more logically with the whole experience and see if l could incorporate the blog into the other ventures.

In June/July of this year, l started the serious roll out of time saving strategies to avoid , ‘burn out and blog disinterest’ and or a potential of writer’s block which could also have been a problem somewhere in the future.

Write for you first and foremost ..

This is NOT saying that as you get larger as a blog with a bigger readership that you do not write for them … because you do. But firstly and foremostly l do actually write what l am interested in and what l wish to. People will read what they want to read as well as  dismiss what they wish to.

Remind myself with the question of “Why did l want to start this journey anyway?”

No one forced me to start a blog, l wanted to, it was my choice — it’s my space, my choice, my blog. By reminding myself of this, l ease the pressure.

This is MY Blog

I write stuff l want to write, l don’t specifically write for an audience – this is NOT saying l do not attend to my readership or audience, because l do with many of the features l offer. But if l only wrote for my audience, l would go bloody nuts!

Whilst l personally adhere to a method, a blogging strategy if you wish … that’s my personal goal and deadline .. l am NOT working my blog for the statistics … so there will be things l write that some of the readers might think … Eh? with – tough luck is my attitude. “This is MY blog.”

I have no interest in conventionality..

I enjoy being different to other bloggers and writers out there … my posts are written by a verbose guy – therefore l hardly ever pay direct reference to layouts and formats – l do my own. I care not for restrictions and rules and terminologies and ‘this is what it used to be’. Rules are meant to be broken … so whilst l acknowledge that growth and traffic are important, that statistics are there for a reason, l am not glued to them, l am not driven by them. It’s nice to be liked, but l have no burning desire to be popular … l don’t need or crave to be liked by every writer. This doesn’t mean l go out of my way to upset writers, but l don’t cry in the corner if my posts don’t get liked or followers stop following – that would lead to serious stress!

I don’t adhere to word counts … l am just me.

Writing Less is Writing More!

I have learned in the last year, and especially in the last 6 months that l don’t need to write as prolifically as l was, that l don’t need to reblog as frequently as l was and that by writing less, l am actually writing more. When l was writing more and playing the WP Luvvies Game – the latter being ‘isn’t this what is expected of me?’ l was constantly stressed, not burned out, but stressed with time. Once l realised what a twerp l was, l stopped, back stepped, back tracked  and started to seriously rethink.

Six months ago l was posting, publishing and reblogging a daily content count of up to 18 pieces. I know right? Like WTF??

So l stopped ‘reblogging’, it can annoy bloggers if someone keeps reblogging content frequently – now l might directly reblog a post once every ten days. I have a newer ‘appreciation feature’ coming out this month. But thinking l was ‘obligated’ to reblogging and then stopping that, was a huge stress off my shoulders!

Six months ago l was producing 10 posts of my own a day… six months later and l produce 4 posts a day and next year, l will probably work on producing 3 posts a day with a flexi of a 4th every few days.

All these things l have done have eased off the stress l was experiencing and now, l actually can visit between 5 – 7 bloggers a day and usually am able to respond to 5 external prompts [like this] a week. So l am able to interact more.

By writing way less, l can concentrate upon writing more qualitable content.

Diversity is Key!

I find that by writing from a vast range of topics l can make life way less stressful for me, and when l have more time l can write longer pieces, when l am short on time l can put in a couple of stocking fillers if you wish, or alternatively l can interact more with my community and respond to prompts. By not being and working to a fixed rota each day l am able to work with more flexibility.

Monthly Features Page

Be More Flexible!

These days l have a lot more flexibility than six months ago, l have way less stress, l can now write more, l can now interact more, l now have more free time, l have more diversity … yet having said all that .. l still need a method of order and l have that with my ‘flexibility time scheduler’.

I produce 4 posts a day – they are published between the hours of 7.15am – 9.55pm each day Monday to Friday, and on the weekend, l only work to flexi slots and work on producing 3 posts a day or five on a weekend. My M-F publishing times are 7.15am, 12.55pm, 5.35pm and 9.55pm – it might look rigid, but these are just guideline times but they are based upon my traffic zones. I never said l didn’t watch traffic zones, l said l wasn’t fixated on them, but l still try and work publishings into popular zones.

Things l remind myself with …

Blogging is a long game play – if you are after quick results – you’ll burn out!

Don’t be afraid of not playing the WP LUVVIES Game

Develop a thicker skin and sometimes a ‘Fuckitall Attitude!” goes a long way to motivation!

Be consistent not brash

Don’t become boring..

Forget statistics – blogging is content not number crunching!

When in doubt of your abilities or your blog – interact with your readership!

I started a blog because l love to write content whatever the score, l love to write!



These are the steps l took to garner more time to interact, but whilst l wasn’t burning out, the stress of not being able to interact properly and on a regular basis was causing serious stress. Burnout ? No! Guilt of not interacting enough? YES!!

No longer a problem.

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15 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #9 – I think l Am Going …. KKKKKKKKKrazyy!

    1. The secret is to not have any set days for anything – you have a rough idea, but the flexibility allows for hings to change at the blink of an eye 🙂

  1. The stress from not reading other people’s content is so real. I was spending increasing time on my own words. One of the reasons I set a time limit for my blog posts. After that time it’s posted come what may and any WP time left is spent reading other sites.

    1. Hey Gary, you are right, the stress is like one of those untalked of Taboo subjects, it’s something we all suffer with – never enough time in a day 🙂

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