Writing, Righting it Right?

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Writing, Righting it Right?

Today’s question has been prompted by a paragraph l saw in a post l read this morning from Scott of Speaking Bipolar

“”Will writing ever be my sole source of income? That’s the dream of most writers, myself included. While I don’t think that dream is impossible, I don’t imagine it is something that will happen quickly.””

So my question is this …. is what Scott says correct of most writers?

Is it the dream of most writers to be able to produce an income from their writing? Is it your dream? Have you made it your dream? Are you now writing full time perhaps, having given up the day job and blogging for fun and now, blog for income?

I don’t have that dream, of writing for an income, or writing a book, or writing stories for profit …. l used to do those things. When l was a teenager l wrote horror stories for fanzines and pulp comics in the later 70’s and early 80’s. Then in the very later 80’s to the the very early 90’s. I used to write for the soft porn and adult industry and was paid quite well, admittedly l was paid much more handsomely as an escort, but l used the escort ‘tales’ as inspiration to my bawdy verses.

These days, l have no real inspiration to make money directly from my writing or my blog and it’s writing … but these days it is also 1] harder to become published in the traditional way but 2] easier to self publish and so l could if l really wished and wanted to , perhaps self publish my words and try and make an income that way …. although personally, l would prefer to just write them into my blog and have more people read from there should they wish.

So we come back to the main question at hand, and the one that Scott asked

“Will writing ever be your sole source of income and is it the dream of every writer to produce an income from their words?”

Let me know below…

Please do check out Scott’s blog and that post – because it is a marvelously charming read ….

The Fulfillment of a Dream to be Called a Writer

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18 thoughts on “Writing, Righting it Right?

  1. There are innumerable amounts of writers out there just like most other creative and entertainment professionals. It is a tremendous amount of luck to hit that jackpot, but you also have to be ready if it comes. “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence….”—Calvin Coolidge. For me….it would be a dream to be paid for my creativity and allowed the freedom to be creative every day.

    1. Hey Emily, l totally agree – you have to be ready and or be able to recognise the opportunity but also, be capable l think of diversity as in, you might start on one trek – BUT – fate steps in and delivers another avenue. The secret is to recognise that and not be fixed on your initial thinking.

  2. I have about the same chance for writing be my sole source of income as I do for winning a multimillion dollar lottery — slim to none. Still, I buy lottery tickets on the remote chance that I might get lucky. And sure, I would love for something I post on my blog to go viral and perhaps open up an opportunity to get paid for writing. But I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Would it have to be a viral for you? I mean have you ever thought of perhaps producing an ebook with your best fiction creations and seeing how it fared?

      1. Yeah, I’ve thought about it, but I can’t imagine anyone who would be willing to pay their hard-earned money to buy it.

    1. Good morning 🙂

      A lot of stories have been written and lie in archive – equally there are many stories awaiting to be written.

      I took a break from story and tale creation very early this year after a full year of writing for the directory. I had planned for the latter part of this year to resume the writing for the director but had wanted to focus on other areas of the blog.

      But part 2 of directory creation will begin soon 🙂

        1. It’s so true – the one good thing my father taught me was ”never assume someone is always going to stay on the floor after you have hit them, make sure they stay there, otherwise you are in BIG trouble, when they get up!’

          I have never physically hit anyone, but l have had to verbally cut people in half, and make sure they stay put.

  3. Thanks to blogging I’ve made contact with so many brilliant writers. But you here their tales of what a struggle it is to generate any money. If they can’t what chance normal dudes like me. For me it’s such a cool feeling to pretend to be a writer.

    1. I have to be honest Gary and say and l have said this countless times – l think you could write and produce a book of your experiences and with Son being on the spectrum. You have a very natural way of writing with a lot of humour, and l know of at least one publisher that would probably be interested in seeing test chapters from you.

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