The Underappreciated Magical “Thingy” Salute!

The Underappreciated Magical “Thingy” Salute!

Do you know what the image is on top of this post?  brownie-154889_960_720

I mean, what does it look like to you? I ‘know’ what it is …. but do you? Do you even have a clue … what that is? 

I can tell what it’s NOT!

It’s NOT something from the likes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the light sequence!

…………….. but it’s close!

It’s NOT dignified like The Majestic ….

…. but it’s closer!

It’s NOT mystical and intriguing like Lord of the Rings [any of them!] …

…. but it’s pretty damn close!!

Here’s another clue – what do you think now??

IMG_2683 (2)

I bet you are getting closer now to the truth of the ‘Magical Thingy!’ Am l right? I guess by now, you are comprehending of why l am writing about ‘saluting it!’  A salutation of the highest degree!  Are you aware of how, just how very magical this thing is? brownie-154889_960_720

How probably it is the most underappreciated ‘Magical Thingy’ in the house. Everyone has one of these … it might not take this shape … it might not be able to shoot magical light out of its top like ours [which by the way, it wasn’t harmed in the making of this post, the image was flipped and it’s the sun shining on the bottom and not a magical light beam being shot out of the top!] I did it for effect!

Yours might be like ours, or smaller, taller, flatter, rounder, oblonger [is that a word? IS now!]  Might be squishier or just squished looking or looking like it’s about to be squished then squashed … it matters not in truth WHAT yours looks like … l can almost guarantee that you don’t appreciate it enough!


I am constantly reminded that l must remember to offer thanks, award grattitude and salutations to my magical thingy daily! [Make of that as you will!?’] But sometimes l forget, and then l have to gently coerce myself to recall the beauty of Enid Blyton’s Magical Faraway Tree or The Wishing Chair and NOT – NOT take for granted the magical ‘thingy!’

“Oh great one, oh great ‘magical thingy’ l salute you! You are are great, so wise, so ….. well l don’t know, but they are great, or rather IT is awesome!!”

But we must all beware and not abuse our ‘magical thingy’s’ otherwise the magic will dry up and disappear! This happened to me last year l wrote about it here in my blog, and now l am paying homage to the ‘magical thingy!’

IMG_2681 (2)


So, the ‘Magic Laundry’ basket is no longer so magical??!!

I have been left with incredibly detailed instructions to induce the magic and when l saw them l was like ‘ha ha, l don’t need instructions!’

However, where am l right at this moment in time?

Yep reading the instructions!!!silhouette-1732611_960_720

November 2018

My house here is filled with magic … brownies, pixies and the such like!  But JUST because the magical folk are walking amongst us, l must not abuse the power! Which is why l am paying my yearly salutation to the Magical Thingys in my house!! Otherwise, the magical laundry basket might lose it’s mysticalness!


The magical laundry basket one minute is filled, then seemingly with no hardship is emptied, the contents go from smelly to clean and even more surprisingly … go from scrunched up to neatly folded!!!? Never mind magical it’s a bloody miracle!  


Of course l am also perfectly capable of making the magic happen myself …. but l live with a magical person who just does it automatically where as l have to think about it, usually too late and when l have a pair of soiled underpants in one hand, a crumpled tee shirt in the other and a smelly sock on my left foot!


So here is my salute to all the magical properties with their special magical ‘thingy’s and above all … those who make the magic happen every day … yall know who you are!


10 thoughts on “The Underappreciated Magical “Thingy” Salute!

  1. I was the keeper of the magic for many, many years. I have passed the secrets on to my eldest daughter in a ceremony of deep significance (and much swearing).
    It is a great burden to carry, keeping the magic. We have THREE thingies in our house😯 Daughter, being relatively new in all the ways of the magic, does need my assistance at times. It’s a sacred duty that rarely sees appreciation. On behalf of all keepers of the magic, I accept your words. Gifts and offerings are also appreciated 😉

    1. Ah yes, Suze informed me once of the grandeur that was the ceremony of Thingys that are be ye magickal! She refused to comment further just gave me one of those raised eyebrow looks that says ‘lest ye not ask, otherwise l will have to kill ye!’

  2. Yours is so much prettier than mine. Wanna trade? But then I have a lot of other magical thingys in my life, and spellcheck is telling me thingys is not a word. I say it is because i just wrote it — two times in fact. Whaddaya think about that?

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