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I think l may have a double!

I was at the shop the other day, and as l was queueing at the till, in the mirror at the top behind the counter l could see not just me, but me as well!??  The other me that wasn’t me, seemed to be a posher me to boot, literally – they had fancier boots than mine!

I mean that could have been me the previous day when l wasn’t wearing dog walking muddied wellies, but smarter boots, if l had that type, but it wasn’t, so l am guessing that’s my Doppelganger double! They even looked like they had an intriguing lifestyle judging by their quizzical look upwards in recognition! It had to be me in a parallel universe! 

Rory Matier


“If natural selection can create creationists it can manage a caterpillar with a face on its arse.”

Zane Stumpo


9 thoughts on “Random Quotes 466#

  1. I have never seen my “double” but many other people have. I cant count the number of times people have approached me asking if I was so&so’s sister or in fact, her.
    Being 6′ tall makes it even stranger. Not many women my height.
    I hope I get to meet her someday.

    Be careful with mirrors… they’re tricksy!😱

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