Well You Prompted Me!!

Well You Prompted Me!!

Two prompts have caught my attention  as they both deal with Gratitude’ and ‘Thanks’.


Working On Us – Week 25 –

Thankful and Grateful

Beckie’s Mental Mess Weekly Prompt


Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.

There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything).

You can do one or all prompts.

You have from November 27th. through December 3rd. to submit your entries.

This is a week you can write anything your little heart desires, you just have to write about something you are thankful and grateful for.


Blogging Insights #8– Are you grateful for your blog?

Salted Caramel Blogging Insights Series

The spirit ofgratitude is in the air with Thanksgiving being celebrated in different parts of the world. It is a good idea to be grateful every day for all that you have and all that you are able to do. But in the rat race that is modern life you tend to forget this, so it is good to have a seasonal reminder. Today’s blogging insights questions centre around gratitude.


Are you grateful for your blog?

How do you express your gratitude?

Has blogging added value to your life? 

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Working On Us – Week 25 –

Thankful and Grateful


There are many things that l am grateful and thankful for …. have you noticed how we live in a fast, fast world – where grace and gratitude is seemingly slipping between our fingers – people are in such a rush to get done, to get home or to just get on and they will try and endeavour to achieve this as quickly as possible, sometimes oblivious to everything and everyone else around them?

So many never seem to be able to appreciate what we do all have in comparison to those who do not … we have air to breathe, we have the rights to believe, we have the rights to exercise our beliefs and yet this is taken for granted by so many that they at times cannot see how life would be if we didn’t have this? How our life and lives would continue if not for the so called simplicities.

You make mention to grace, gratefulness and gratitude to some and they roll their eyes at you and almost can you see the mental thought in their minds as they stare at you and think ‘”Whatever!” Some people instantly throw back at you that ‘They are not religious and gratitude is to do with that isn’t it?” One person once threw back, “You don’t have to do everything your parents taught you!!”

This was in response to my politeness and courteousness, by saying thank you …. l inwardly groan and sometimes outwardly too at the blatant ignorance and rudeness of people never mind their arrogant stupidity.

Many sadly believe the world owes them, and so too do you! It is we who should be grateful that they deign to see, hear and listen to us, acknowledge that we even exist and apparently they continue to think we are there to serve their every whim? They further believe that in order to be grateful then ‘life’ has to be 100% perfect.

Our fast, fast world and more so these days as l have aged and watched and observed the ageing world in which l have grown up in is more stressed out, is filled with more sadness and more and more people are driven by the wrong things – monetary gain, advancement, aggressive progression and advancement to the detriment of others and sadly the planet too.

Another disaster in the world and so many of the young again ‘roll their eyes’, “Oh well at least it’s not us eh?” They utter like this makes it all, all alright!  “Well it’s just the news isn’t it – bad things happen all the time, it’s life, it’s the world in which we live, get over it … right what’s on Netflix tonight?”


But what am l grateful for?

I am grateful for the woman l have in my life, Suze and her love for me and our partnership and ability to despite many tough challenges and obstacles we have battled them as the partnership we are and despite much darkness we have gotten through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am grateful and thankful for every extra day l can share with Scrappy, who lives on borrowed time and is ill, and crippled and yet still she shows such determination to savour her life.

I am grateful for my health and although l am older, creakier and so much more achy [strange word when you look at it like this no?] l am thankful that l am still alive to celebrate this beautiful planet of ours and the love within it.

I am grateful that l still have functioning eyes which award me sight, still able to sense the delights of touch, smell and taste and that l can still hear the world around me.

I am grateful for the ability of expression through creative and philosophical thought, articulation through the written word and that l still have my speech, and can talk, even if to myself and also, that l can hear me speak too.

I am grateful that despite aches and pains, my body still continues to allow me to live.

I am grateful to being alive – after years of trying to end my life with countless suicide attempts, l am still here and at night l can hear my heartbeat.

I am grateful that l am happy because for years l most assuredly was not, but l learned the ability to be grateful for what l do have, what l can still achieve, for what l have achieved, survived through and lived to tell the tales.

I am grateful that l found a woman, who l love and adore and who taught me that being cynical  to love was not the way to be.

I am grateful for the fact that despite what many have believed over the years of me, that l do have emotions and empathy for myself and others and can and do so when needed to express my inner thoughts and shed tears if l have to without feeling ashamed or a lesser man for doing so.

I am grateful for the sun, sunrises and sunsets and that l am here to see them.

I am grateful for the fact that with the advancement of our world, that we can enjoy the marvels we have at our disposal – things that others do not have readily – books, films, music – oh the music! The Internet, computers, gadgetry that makes lives easier and that list goes on.

I am grateful that l am 56 and l lived an extraordinary life filled with adventures, explorations and discoveries, that l have taken risks and gambles and they have won, but when they did not, l am thankful of the learning curves they awarded.

I am very thankful that l can appreciate gratitude and grace.

I could go on and bore you all into oblivion, l’ll not … but l am grateful for much, much more than written here – however … l am also grateful for …

My blog and my blogger friends who have both awarded me a lot of joy, happiness and laughter – so thank you for reading.


Blogging Insights #8– Are you grateful for your blog?

Are you grateful for your blog?

Yes l am, very much so … l have never regretted taking the decision to creating the blog – it has allowed me to really dig deep into who l am and wish to be. It allows me to express myself in wonderful ways as well as not.

How do you express your gratitude?

By interacting and engaging with my readers, encouraging and motivating where l am able to and by awarding compliments and thanks to everyone who interacts with me. I try to offer a colourfully vibrant and eclectical mix of reading and l hope that perhaps visitors leave with a smile, an idea, a thought or even an inspiration.

Has blogging added value to your life? 

Very much so, it’s awarded me a fantastic group of friends,  wonderful connections, creative thoughts and imaginations, an ability to express myself more thoroughly and it has also allowed me to understand the absolute need for balance.


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15 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!!

  1. Rory, this is such a warm and touching tribute to all the things you are thankful and grateful for. You really dug in there deep to find meaning in every thing that matters, and you really moved me when speaking about Suze.
    You also touched on a dying breed of millenials out there that have no idea what is happening in the real world, and how unconscious they are for when manners come into play. It’s as if it’s a foreign language.
    You actually make me proud to be the age I am and I most certainly agree that nothing should be taken for granted.
    God Bless You! Thank you so very much for being a wonderful friend and participating in this week #25 of “Working on Us” 💚

  2. The owls pic and quote…WOW! Great start to a fantastic post! We really DO have so much to be thankful for. I believe that if we put our minds to looking for the positives, that’s what we’ll see. Balance, harmony…yes!

    And yes, achy does look strange. I have noticed this too. I am enjoying being in my 50s, except for the achy parts.


    1. Ha ha l know right – achy – some words you never see until you use them and then you stop and think, have l spelt that right??? I tried ‘achier’ and then realised, nope that’s sooooooo not the way to spell that one ha ha 🙂

      Yeah l saw the quote, saw the owls and thought yep those two are a married couple so they had to be paired together 🙂

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