The Teddy Bear Stories – Henry and Mickey


Photo Taken January 2019


Everyone jostling for the photoshoot!

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October 2019 – Orderly although some are now a bit more higher up than …


……… than they might have preferred, but their stories will still be told.

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Henry [Left] and Mickey [Right]

Henry and Mickey

When it all began …

These two, still very much with me today and indeed even now, looking over my shoulder as l sit here typing about them, were not rescues, but if anything … they more important than that … they were both rescuers. They rescued me when l was young and living at home with my parents.

My childhood wasn’t cruel in the obvious way of thought for some, as in l wasn’t sexually abused, and l wasn’t ‘physically’ abused – although that term alone could use some definition. My father was a brutal man, who was fond of meting out strict discipline to his so called ‘wayward’ son. I wasn’t naughty or seriously misbehaved – not as much as he believed, but l did have quirks – l did have some strange behaviours and some testing idiosyncrasies.

My mother back then and still today when denying l am on the spectrum of autism would say everything was my father’s fault – it is a form of irony in consideration – but she forgets like so many ageing parents who were not angels themselves with regards the parenting of their children tend to do. It is sometimes simply easier to remember events through ‘rose tinted’ glasses, we all do it, from time to time.

She had her reasons, and none of us are perfect – my mother lived a very tough life with my father. He was decidedly and most assuredly mentally cruel to his wife and his son. His forte in life was literally being mentally abusive and he excelled.

He was horribly strict, more so with me than my charmed sister – who in his eyes could do no wrong, even at times when she was so wrong. There were times when my sister was very much like Enid Blyton’s Naughty Amelia Jane!


My family and myself aged 10 = 1973 Springvale South, Victoria, Australia.

Henry is actually older than l am, my mother due to my father’s violent behaviour had several miscarriages before she finally gave birth to me. Henry bear was to be awarded to one of my brothers – had the family ‘creation’ gone to plan, l would have been 6th in line, my sister 7th and another sister after her would have been 8th, but she too was lost like the previous five boys. Two of those miscarriages were on twins. My mother bought Henry bear for the 5th brother before me who never saw life. Henry is 58 this year to my 56.

Mickey is six months my juinor, he was bought for me by mum when l was yeah that’s right six months of age – l know hardly rocket science eh πŸ™‚

I don’t have many photographs of me when young as my sister decided to keep all the family albums for some bizarre reason and had no wish to share them with her brother … in the end, rather haphazardly l managed to take some photographs of older photographs when clearing out my father’s house. The three oldest l have are of Henry bear with none of Mickey, l don’t know why Mickey wasn’t in the bed shot, instead l have something else that l never knew and cannot remember, but Henry was always with me, through thick and thin.

Now the two of them as said live behind me with their extended family of mostly rescues but also of those who l bought to rescue them, and a couple that were gifted to me.

If you as of yet haven’t seen the posts where l talk of Henry and Mickey you can see that here …Bear Necessities 2018Β  as well as read my poem about them and the others. However, this series is not about Henry and Mickey specifically but about their own family too.

I am not sure why l have felt the need to rescue Teddy Bears? I think deep down it’s because l know the love they award and are given, and l feel so terribly desolate and even lonely for them when l see them abandoned – just the thought of them being thrown away brings tears to my eyes as l type today – as l know just how very much these two bears mean to me … they saw me through some seriously dark days as a sad child, a confused youngster and as an adult. Teddy Bears are meant to live forever and should never be lost to the sands of time.

Below are the only three photographs of old that l have of Henry Bear taken respectively in 1965, 66 and 67 my appologies for the poor quality, however l am still richer … l still have both Henry and Mickey with me today, and they will always be with me.

See you in the next episode and thanks for reading.


1965 aged 2 with a 4 year old Henry Bear.

IMG_9882 (2)

1966 aged 3.

IMG_9691 (2)

1967 aged 4

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  1. I saw you wrote this a few days ago and saved it. I didn’t want to miss it! I’m so glad you’re writing Teddy Bear stories and I love that you still have Henry and Mickey! It does my heart good. 🧸 😊

      1. Right now I have a new teddy who is a scraggly haired llama who wants to be called Lily. She is a dear and silly bear/llama πŸ˜ŠπŸ§ΈπŸ¦™

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