Well You Prompted Me!!

Well You Prompted Me!!

This week l have been tempted by three  prompts from three great bloggers which well ‘prompted me of course!’ 

I was ‘aroused’ into responding using some bawdy imagination with this and the famous line of “Would you like to see my ‘Stretchings …oops no, l mean Etchings … obviously!!”

The bloggers and the prompts in question are:


Three Things Challenge #67


FOWC with Fandango — Wage




Word of the Day Challenge


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Chalking It Up To Miss Givings!

“Sorry Miss, it’s just so hard…
…. It can’t be helped!”
“Timmy, l don’t know what to say …
…. It is just so unexpected!”
“Especially, given that it’s here in the churchyard!”
“It’s difficult Miss, you have no idea how l have struggled!
… it’s a battle each and every day, all the ways!”
“You must be more careful Timmy, keep it protected!!”

“Well what do you expect me to do, Miss?”
“Try not to let anyone see for a starter!!”
“Are you being funny, it’s hardly controlled kinesis!”
“Have you tried a garter?”
“So to make it part of the body …
… that’s your suggestion?”
“Not quite, no need to make it sound so gaudy!!”
“…. but it might help, to lessen the attention!”

“Timmy, it was supposed to be a college project!”
“Yes l know Miss Givings, but l was like ‘Wow groovy!”
“Tell me please, why is it so, so very erect?”
“ I think the overall ambience made me woozy!”
“Mm, this or rather it, is higher than my grade of wage!”
So, you can’t help me then, you know, pacify it?”
“You want me to calm it, given my age?”
“Well you are capable, perhaps a bit of spit?”

“Spit on it, are you completely out of your mind??”
“Alright, how about just hand jobbing the point?”
“It might ease up with soft rubbing of a kind…
…. Make it easier for me to work with and anoint…
“What happened to it being a labor of love?”
“But Miss, l am trying to make a wonderful display!”
…. okay, then why not try a gentle shove!
“That might dampen it, you know downplay?”

“Oh, l see, so push in gently, and rub it hard you mean?”
“Exactly Timmy, you have to work at some things…
…… and this might give the whole thing a nice sheen!
“Yes, yes, yes, l see quite a different spin!”
“Precisely, thank goodness we have this sorted.
…not quite sure how l would have addressed the head”
“Gracious yes Miss, another disaster thwarted!”
“Very much so, another rumour flattened and not spread!”

Working with pointy chalk, can be very awkward,
But l like to make my graveyard work quite pronounced,
It’s a defined and artistic school of thought,
But it’s fun isn’t it to fool around….
“So Timmy, when will you let me see your etchings?”
“Well Miss Givings, you can view it now..”
…. It’s quite fetching…
“Oh my goodness Timmy …. That is just, he is so … WOW!!!

© Rory Matier 2019

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