The Woodland Pixies!

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The Woodland Pixies

It’s a skill, l ‘ll have you know,
That not everyone can achieve,
Despite what they say, it’s not so,
Nor is it all make believe!

It’s more a case of self – belief,
The power of one, that being you!
It’s not actually painful, more of a relief!
No, seriously, honestly, it’s true!!

I have no idea, when it all began,
Mother used to say, it happened when young,
… l could be found tiptoeing on tin cans,
Or hidden upside down when hung!

Of course the secret to the mystical…
….. effect, is simpler than you can imagine?
It’s all to do with being both logistical and statistical,
… and shush don’t tell, but needing both reaction and distraction!

You see, it’s not actually me, at the odd angle,
But Life – have you not noticed it, yourselves?
Are you all too busy, caught up with the wrangle..
… of living, that you don’t see the pesky elves?

They have this way about them, when they can alter,
… your perceptions of reality,
Making normality appear as if a defaulter,
…. When the truth is the surreality is the actuality!

I know, absolutely fascinating isn’t it?
However if you really want to see the true me,
You need to spin around a hundred times fast and admit…
… to yourself that it’s all quite silly!

Then look again, and wonder in awe at the agility,
… the wondrousness of my graceful poise,
The astonishing fact of undeniable plausibility,
Achieved when there is no background noise!


Do you see, do you finally see me,
Or do you see …
….. the topsy turvy land of the woodland pixies?

You just have to believe in you!
Honestly … it’s true!

© Rory Matier 2019

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21 thoughts on “The Woodland Pixies!

    1. Hey Wendi, many thanks – glad you enjoyed it – indeed, pixies, faiyries, elves and woodland folk – they’re out there, people just need to look 🙂

    1. Hey Chris, top of the morning to you 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed it – yeah, in this straight laced world of non – believers there simply isn’t enough olde magick 🙂

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