Backtracking Blogging Catchups!

Backtracking Blogging Catchups!

[Try saying that fast!!]

I should imagine most of you follow Renard’s World …. you probably stop by his blog weekly, l tend to stop by every couple of weeks, but sometimes l get behind further and it might be a few weeks catching up needing to be done. When that happens, l find that by arming myself with a coffee and a philosophical brain – l am ready to rock and roll!

Today was and is no different, l found rather ashamedly l was behind by almost a month, there is of course a beauty to that, when l reblog his published post links, it means that a lot of viewers who missed the post from Renard the first time around, are now able to settle down with a hot drink of their choice and enjoy the stroll through his Blogdom!

Please take the time to persuse through these gems…


Rethinking The Way You Blog


How To Add New Life To An Old Blog


Six Blogging Tips That I Ignore


All totally excellent posts that you really should stop by and have a read and if you have read them already, then read them again.

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