Blogging Insights #7 – “Read to reed, Red!”


Drtanya@saltedcaramel runs and maintains a series entitled ‘Blogging Insights’ – and this weeks episode is “How important are images?

Fresh content and new ideas: these are things that bloggers as well as users of all other social media are constantly trying to find. The blogosphere and the social media stratosphere are like vast galaxies. These galaxies are populated with hundreds of thousands of bright stars, the glow of each of which is constantly clamouring for attention. With so much content creation going on every second can any idea be original? In other words, where can you find original ideas?

Today’s Question

How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said ?

“Read to reed, Red!”


My response is another question – who said everything of merit or worth has already been said? It’s a bit like a them and us situation, the Jones versus the Smiths or sometimes when people say ‘They’. They say, it is this, they say, it is that… who cares what THEY say at all?

You know when you are writing, it is from your perspective – l could write a poem and a reader could read it, and then another reader could read it, and then perhaps another 100 people could read that poem and at the end of it what we would have is 103 versions of a single poem – 103 differing readings including the way l wrote it originally. Each reader might read and interpret that differently to the previous reader.

The poem doesn’t change words but it is read uniquely every time it is read and if the poem is seen for the first time by that reader, then they are seeing those words for their first time, irrespective that 100 plus people may already have read it.

So we come back to the line of everything that is worth saying has already been said ? The truth is more beautiful than that, each new pair of eyes that reads new words through those eyes, is seeing for the first time those words, those words that have already been said, read, viewed and written about and possibly even spoken out aloud, are being seen for the first time again.

It doesn’t matter how many times something is read or reread because it will always be someone else’s fresh content, something they haven’t seen.

However that aside, what is fresh content anyway? Content that has yet to be read. So, no one is ever without anything fresh to be said or written about whilst there are still readers and their eyes who are to read with their eyes your content.

Content can be written about thousands of different ways, small example, rather silly ‘ “Read to reed, red!” They are all different and yet ironically, connected without being connected and yet they all have the same meaning visually and they don’t, because each person hearing that would have a different interpretation of what was said and meant… old words, new ways.

If you want simpler, the answer to the question is this …. they haven’t yet read my version of events.

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7 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #7 – “Read to reed, Red!”

  1. A very Rory-esque answer. Definitely right. There will always be fresh ideas and content as long as there are humans.

  2. Also, each time I read something, I am reading it from a new perspective. It’s why I can read the same book over and over and find new things in it each time. My perspective is always changing as my life changes. Even my own writing may mean something different when read at a different time.

    I’m feeling philosophical today. Too bad it’s too chilly for a toga😂

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