Three Things Challenge: #61

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Welcome back to the Three Things Challenge.

Each day I’ll post three seemingly unconnected things that will hopefully set your mind working.
There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything, just keep it family friendly.
You don’t have to use all three if you don’t want to, simply read the prompt and see what it brings to mind. Invite us along by creating a pingback to this post and leaving a link in the comments so that other people can read your writings.

Remember though that pingbacks have to be approved manually and therefore might not show immediately.

Di – Pensitivity101

Your three words today are:
Pillar, stuck, toe

Also ‘3’ Words of the Day – Tales from the mind of Kristian …

Sanguine, Daft, Earn


The Cockswoon’s Token Poking!!

Oh Harold! I say, goodness gracious me!
… are you sure that is only your o’r?
As in seriously?
Alright Jane, fancy some more?
Oh indeed l do!
Sticking it in and twiddling around
………. and hitting the spot, quite nicely too!
Steady on Jane, mind that sound!
Wouldn’t want the wind to change,
… and you getting stuck in,
That noise, it being so strange,
Village might think we are fuckin..
…about on the water!
Don’t me so silly Harold, that’s just daft,
I hear you are quite the pillar,
Of our community now and handy with the shaft
At the base of the tiller!!
Well l try my best, try to be sanguine,
Everyone at one time or another,
Has to do their bit when learning!
A new trade, when it’s a bit of the other!
Well l’d heard you were up for a new earn?
An’ l thought well ere’ we go Jane,
Quite fancy some laning with a cockswoon!
A what?? A Swooning cock? I am a cockswain!!
What are you like?
I ferry folk across the cre’k,
…the rivers, the streams and the occasional dyke!
With my long stout and firm stick!!
[Haha!! Wink wink!]
Rightio then, l see, so l just need to get me a ‘toeken’
.. for the ferry ride of my life,
I’ll get me a free paddling and a poking!
An’ the village ‘ll not give you strife!

© Rory Matier 2019

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