Fandango’s Provocative Question #49 – This, That, And The Other

Fandango’s Provocative Question #49

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, how would you define or describe these beings and what makes you believe they exist? Have you had any personal experiences with ghosts?

What an excellent question here – do you not think? Yes, you, my reader, my readership, do you not think, this is an excellent question?

Not Trashy at all [sorry couldn’t resist the other prompt of the day ‘Trash’ November 20, 2019 and to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC).]

However all that out of the way …. to the question at hand or rather questions, because it’s not just one, let’s go …


Do you believe in ghosts?

If so, how would you define or describe these beings and what makes you believe they exist?

Have you had any personal experiences with ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Over the years l have seen, felt, smelled, sensed, been touched and touched back, explored and pondered on many ‘mysterious’ things – things that were unexplained, that sought answers that couldn’t be answered nor sought out. Spooky things, creepy things, unknown things and events and my list goes on …. oft is it remarked by me that l see things others don’t see. I sense presence and essence … there are days, weeks and months when l am walking around like another entity lives inside me and or simply passes through me daily.

Do l believe in ghosts, paranormal, the occult, strange phenomena, bumps in the night, mysterious goings on, haunted houses, lost essences and other such strange things?

Yes l do …but not in the Hollywood way, not that way – l tend to believe in a more direct fashion – as in with my senses and my gift for seeing things others don’t see, feel or hear. Just because it cannot be heard, or seen, or felt or even smelled by everyone else, doesn’t mean – something isn’t there – it means tha those that cannot sense it, are not trying to sense it.

Some people try too hard to see the unseen, to smell where there is no scent, to reach out where there is nothing to touch … they want to be ‘in a situation’ where they can be ‘ more aware’ to other beings.

Do l believe in ghosts in funny looking sheets? Nope.

Do l believe in lost souls? To a certain extent – yes, but equally no.

Do l believe in lost essence, lost memories, displacements? Yes, that l believe in.

It isn’t so much what you can see, hear or feel, but what you cannot see, feel and hear when you are seeing, feeling and hearing essence.

I walk with essence every day, l see them, hear them, l on occasion can smell them, and on the darkest of still nights, l can feel them – their closeness where there is no warmth or feeling – just aloneness and emptyness.

Do l believe? Yes.


If so, how would you define or describe these beings and what makes you believe they exist?

Well this is a very difficult question to answer – because the answer lies within a sunken if you wish emotion or belief that many people have not activated within their own minds. In other words, people who believe they have ‘open minds’ rarely do – their minds are maybe more open than some, but mostly, their minds are closed. Most of society walk around with closed minds, judgement faces and very high opinions of what is real and what isn’t real.

It is easier to say something doesn’t exist, it is easier for many to not open their minds and to a certain extent their hearts to simply ‘listen’ to the world. The dead walk amongst us daily – but not as many might believe. Not as the image above suggests and yet that is exactly how the dead walk amongst us. Most people are absolutely oblivious to the departed and even when their brains are trying to tell them something isn’t right ‘their minds are told to STOP being so foolish!” There is NOTHING there!”

Because it is easier to pretend or disbelieve that something exists or doesn’t or where logically it couldn’t.

So how are these images defined?

For me personally .. as trapped and lost memories, as an essence displaced and lost or again trapped as a guilt, as a forgotten essence as a lost one. How can l further define to someone who doesn’t believe nor want to believe in what l believe in with the same passion they have in opposition to my beliefs?

Do l believe in God? 

No, not in a physical entity – but l cannot deny the belief in god by others. Do l need to believe in God personally to exist as a human being on planet earth? No, l do not. Do l need to feel the presence of God to believe in that entity? I would need to believe in something to believe – but l do not believe in God, therefore l cannot believe in God as many do … but l do believe in somethng … and l believe in Nature more. I hold more of a paganism belief than l do a commercial religion belief

What has religion got to do with defining ghosts? Because it all comes down to personal beliefs and what people feel. With lost essence, l feel it in my bones, in my gut and in my mind … like many religious believers feel for the presence of their God – this doesn’t mean that something doesn’t exist, it means that for the opposer they cannot believe or feel what the others feel.

If so, how would you define or describe these beings and what makes you believe they exist?

                                   spooky-2580619_960_720              Have you had any personal experiences with ghosts?

Ghosts No. Displacements? Yes – many, many times and properly since the age of around 14.

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7 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #49 – This, That, And The Other

  1. Very interesting response, Rory. You wrote, “It is easier to say something doesn’t exist….” I’m not sure I agree with you. It seems to me, it’s easier to suggest that ghosts, demons (the devil, for example), and supernatural beings (God, for example) exist when faced with an otherwise unexplainable occurrence, rather than to try to find a practical, logical explanation. That’s why, in my opinion, so many people believe in God, who provides “answers” to the unanswerable.

    And by the way, I sometimes do believe in ghosts, like when someone lets loose with a silent-but-deadly fart in a crowded room but everyone there denies being the culprit. It must, therefore, have been a ghost (or the dog) who dealt it, right?

    1. Good response also Fandango , however, l wasn’t answering with reference to demons – which is a different thing all together from ‘ghosts’.

      Bringing in the reference of belief and using god as the example is again different to the inclusion of devils and demons and not on the same level either.

      Many people counterbalance god/demon in the same breath, l don’t tend to do that – to me there is good and evil.

      Sadly, there isn’t always logical explanations to everything, and even scientists have started to confirm this … of course, they would say ‘they haven’t found the answers just yet that apply to their logic – instead of simply saying they can’t explain everything reasonably.

      However, it is the person’s absolute right of personal belief to think the way they do – based upon their experiences l should imagine with the dark, the light and the limbo as well as logical, definition and science.

      I have seen things l can’t explain and have challenged ‘logical people’ to quantify it and they can’t – because not everything can be explained just yet.

      The beauty of individualism is this – just because l can’t and neither can you doesn’t mean it isn’t something, right? 🙂

      Excellent question by the way.

      1. Thanks. And you’re right. No one has all the answers to everything. Some are willing to admit that and say “I don’t know.” Others fill in those gaps with ghosts, spirits, demons, the devil, and gods. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

  2. Some people are just more sensitive, use more than the regular 5 senses.
    I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had experiences. Not Hollywood versions, to be sure, but unexplainable by science.

    1. Hey Grandma, exactly – there are things we simply cannot explain as humans to humans, nature is filled to the brim with mystery and no one asks her to define it, we just continually seek to destroy it – to make it more scientifically understandable – well society needs to understand that NOT everything is meant to be explained whether they like it or not.

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