Thank You For Being You!

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Thank You For Being You!!!

Have you ever received a compliment?

I am sure you have, we all have, we all do from time to time …for instance l receive compliments more so here in WordPress than anywhere else – l get them for my writing, my ideas and whatever – but l am unsure how to effectively take them gracefully – l like to receive them, but at the same time they can make me feel quite uncomfortable and awkward – l prefer to give compliments more than actually receive them. When l do receive a compliment l tend to counter defend with another compliment to the giver a deflection of sorts – “You’re so wise Rory!” “Ah yes, ah thank you, but not as smart as you!”

I have always done it … l prefer to compliment others than be complimented and yet l also like to be complimented – it is afterall a measure of kind from another and it is a fact that when you compliment a person, they are likely to compliment another – l don’t mean like we have the ‘awards’ here in WordPress where upon you receive an award and then you are expected to further compliment others – in blocks of, 5, 10, 15 and 20 – l just mean, that sometimes you receive a compliment and you feel so nice inside you – so snugly that you can’t help yourself and you ‘ll say something nice to someone else because that is what the compliment has made you feel like doing.

l had a discussion the other day with someone about complimenting people –  and it did make me think – What do you think a compliment would look like if you had to draw it in the physical form, what shape would it take, what colour would it be? – l thought it would be a great question to ask others which is what l am doing now.

So today’s question is about ‘compliments, compliment, complimenting and complimented, but more importantly –

“If you had to visualise what a compliment actually looked like  in a physical and solid form what shape would that compliment take in your eyes?”

Let me know your views and opinions below – cheers – Rory


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23 thoughts on “Thank You For Being You!

  1. A difficult question…hmmmm….🤔 if I had to visualise how a compliment looks like, I guess I’ll go with orchid.
    But don’t ask me why, as it just came to my mind 🤪

      1. Maybe one of us will come up with a picture or a combined picture that you can use so compliments dont feel so awkward to you.
        I used to have a BIG problem accepting them. I would argue with the compliment giver, denying everything they said. So rude and mean of me in retrospect, even though it wasnt meant that way.
        I started to just say “thank you” and move on to something else. It got easier with practice.

        It still feels awkward at times but I like the Teddy Bear image that popped into my head. It’s a warm fuzzy, huggable gift that’s sunny and happy. I think true compliments are supposed to feel like that.🤷🏼‍♀️🤔

        1. Yes l too love that image – l have always struggled with compliments – mostly in truth because l like you don’t believe the giver of compliments, l am cynical, and l always think people have an agenda – even now, l still think many a time people are bluffing me.

  2. Mostly I just say thank you. Sometimes I compliment in return, but not as a matter of course, since that doesn’t feel authentic to me. I’ll give compliments as I feel they are warranted. I avoid deflecting or diluting a compliment because that’s insulting to the giver, yet many people, especially women, do this. If you praise something, they downplay it or say it’s actually not the case… well, where does that leave the giver then, in the wrong? Just say thanks for cryin’ out loud! It’s not difficult 🙄

      1. I don’t. I mean, not generally. Most of the compliments I receive here on WP are nice and friendly, but they don’t provoke any great emotional reaction from me. It would take much more than that to get me hallucinating shapes and colors, like say a POSITIVE REVIEW OF ONE OF MY BOOKS. When Ashley and Angie surprised me with those, it was like being enfolded in a big cozy pink blanket of hugs and flowers. Yay!!!

  3. If I had to visualize a compliment, it would be a visitor curled up and asleep on my couch.
    Why? Because it means they feel relaxed, comfortable and secure in our home.

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