Same Day, Different Day!

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Same Shit, Different Day

Makes no odds, how it is viewed,
Always the same shit, always screwed,
Over and over again,
Same shit, different day, same chain,
Different day, same shit, broken link,
Stop, think!

Same shit, different day, same old, same old,
Nothing changes, shit sticks and holds!
Stop, look, think,
Break the chain, hear the chink!
Same day differing shit, always the same,
Over and over again!

Weakness of thought, required strength,
Different thinking, greater length!
Same shit and a different day,
Stop, bloody think, not okay!
Break loose of the chain,
Don’t let the shit drain!

Your mind of free thoughts!
Don’t let the shit make you distraught!
Thinking differently can break the strain!
Break loose from the shitty chain,
Tear yourself out that same old, same old day!
So that same shit, different day, goes away!

© Rory Matier 2015

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4 thoughts on “Same Day, Different Day!

  1. Nice poem Rory 😀, if only it was that qwik and easy to change things but then I guess life wouldn’t be life and no lessons would be learned. 🤔


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