Dear Blog – 16.35 – 17/11/19


When did this happen?

Am feeling a little odd of late…

When did l become so grumpy, so cynical and so disgruntled – when did that happen?

When did it happen that l began to look like a walrus – a no necked squat walrus? When did that happen??

When did it happen that l started to look like a half barrel chest keg man? When did that happen???

Why is it that some men have a shock of great looking grey silver fox hair and if anything, my hair is just in shock at how bald l seem to be going? When did that happen???

When did any of this happen??

Why didn’t anyone tell me this was going to happen?

Bloody good job, l have a good sense of humour, an inner strength and positivity going for me and that l am not vain! Because otherwise l might find all this thoroughly depressing and look for the nearest tree to hang from!

Mm, note to self – you really need to lighten up, shape up and exercise more and realise that the ageing process isn’t graceful to everyone!

Look on the bright side of your life … you have ….

Well – l have life!


22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.35 – 17/11/19

  1. You have life and your name isn’t Brian😉Gotta love the Python!

    Honestly Rory, its difficult to maintain a positive attitude when there is so much negativity in the world. It’s like a miasma of sludge…like the smog over Victorian London or SoCal in the 70s & 80s. Its seeps in…blek 🤢

    I stay away from mirrors. They are surprising. I expect to see 30ish me and that’s not who looks back at me. 😮 my crinkles and wrinkles are well earned and mostly came from smiling. I’m sure that I will grow more and more to resemble a dried apple.🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Ah Ha!! So that is what a SoCal Apple looks like??!! 🙂

      I know, l too have lines [going in all directions ha ha!!] l just don’t quite understand how one day we seem to look alright then another day and we are so far left it’s frightening at time the difference a single day can make, you know lol!!

      I looked in the mirror and thought WTF!! Who the hell is that squat necked balding barrel chested guy looking at??

  2. Oh no, I’m feeling worried. (My profile pic is two years old and I’m not as pretty now). Not that I was that pretty then. You could always have a Berlusconi-style hair transplant, but I wouldn’t recommend it. He did have those Bunga Bunga girls though that presumably had more to do with his money and power than the new hair. And don’t worry, reincarnation is there for a reason.

  3. Growing old is the price we pay for being alive. We can choose one or the other. And besides looks don’t matter. It’s the spirit and soul which should be beautiful. 👍

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