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My thanks to Sadje, for her gifting of the Barnabas Award to A Guy Called Bloke. If as of yet you are not aware of Sadje of Keep It Alive, then please do take the time to check out her blog.

Award Information

“You have been chosen for this recognition because of the encouragement and inspiration you bring to your readers.

With every award l receive, l do try and find out as much out about its origin as l am able to – however with the Barnabas Award after 2 hours dilligent research and countless tracing back on the giftings from blogger to blogger – l completely and utterly failed to find the original source of this particular award and the creator.

I would ask my readership if you are aware of the creator and or of the origins l would be most grateful if you could let me know in the comments section below, so that l may be able to award credit where credit is due.


Thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog.

List five things about yourself

Answer five questions

Ask five questions.

How do bloggers inspire you?


Five Things

What am l to tell my readership about me that they might not know already?

I try and cheer people up on a daily basis, perhaps this is seen as inspiration – l don’t specifically view it as that – for me it is just worth the effort to make someone smile, or laugh or be able to nod their heads in agreement to something l have  written or have displayed and or published that day.

I don’t do it for credit or oohs and aaahs isn’t he fabulous or whatever else .. l do it because – well why not, why shouldn’t l, why should we not try and make people smile?

I do it not to inspire, but to motivate people to want to do more for themselves, to look at things in a more positive light if they can.

That our lives are just too short to sit and wait for shit to happen, that if anything we owe it to ourselves to make life and our lives more interesting – if anything  l am not here to inspire anyone, l am here to inspire myself and if when l am my readership feels something, then let’s say we have inspired each other.


How important it is to reinforce self belief in oneself and others?

Well, you can motivate others and you can use positivity tools to encourage them – however ultimately it will always come down to that individual to reinforce their own beliefs in themselves and not specifically be reliant upon another.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

I will be honest there are days when l am not inspired at all – l have to really push myself to be inspired by me – l use mantras, a kick up my own arse with my own feet,, loud music and humour.

How can we inspire our young generation to do the right thing for our planet?

How can we inspire them???? They are fighting for their planet  anyway – the generation of youngsters today is way more eco orientated and environmentally savvy concerning the state of affairs with regards climate warning than the children were of my own generation – it’s the ignorant and arrogant adults that are fucking things up by pretending there isn’t a problem. We don’t need to inspire them, they need our full backing to help them fight for their future.

What do you think about teaching moral and ethical values to our children in schools?

Ethically speaking it is the role of parent to school their children in ‘ethics’ – make them more aware and cosmoplitan to other cultures -but this is also a very different question to answer – is it additionally the role of an already underpaid and overworked teacher to further teach ethical learnings to students? They can advise and guide – but can they teach? The core element of ethics is to know what to do rightly or wrongly – but can this be taught? Perhaps initially, but will it stay with the individual? Maybe in a perfect world it would, but life changes people.

However when we come to the teaching of moralistic values …. right, well like ethics the core elements can be taught … but life changes people – l know that is NOT the question, l could simply have answered, yes and yes, but is it morally ethical to answer so flippantly?

What is a moral for starters? – Basically what is right and wrong concerning behaviours. Being moral means being mindful of the choices we have in our lives both good and bad and realise that each decision we make has a consequence attached to it, but equally a potential chain reaction.

The answer l feel is that ‘ morally’ speaking the teaching should begin at home and if anything shuld be backed up at school, but our teachers have a lot already put upon them, they are teachers – not parents – parents need to take more responsibility for their childrem.

What is more important in life, intelligence or hard work?

Both are – however – hard work can be achieved by all who put their minds to it, and intelligence is served by those who put their minds to hard work.


When was the last time you identified your passions and put them to work for you?

How do you feel when others compliment you?

How do you motivate yourself to take action when you are feeling down?

What have you acheieved in your life that you are most proud of?

What are your weaknesses?

How do bloggers inspire you?

I found this question in its original format, very difficult to actually answer – that being “Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and gift them”  So l have tweaked it somewhat.

Stories, words, accomplishments, achievements – that’s how ‘bloggers inspire me’, what they have done or do and how they display it to their world.

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