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Ok, so it’s the first ten minutes of 28 days later and you are wandering through a deserted and shabby London, what is going on in your head?

You see if it was me, l would be thinking ‘God almighty, how spookily similar this is to the first ten minutes of 28 days later’ and l would be already on the lookout for dark places and zombie attacks! We live in a world of horror movies, disasters and unnaturally manufactured phenomena by cinema graphic genius’s, why is this fool stumbling around all ‘lost like’ and then lo and behold takes a newspaper to realise that there is something wrong?

With the theme tune of mission impossible filling my head l would be commando rolling around London armed with a very lethal Tower of London souvenir weapon by now!

Oh and by the way … I downloaded the theme tune from 28 days later to my phone…I do not suggest listening to it whilst walking to work, alone, in the dark. trust me when l say, the brown note has been discovered!

Rory Matier


I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real, that’s the spooky part.

Tom Clancy

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4 thoughts on “Random Quotes 459#

  1. 28 Days Later is a favorite in our house. Even Ben likes it.

    Clancy’s quote ties into a discussion I was having about the Collective (un)Conciousness.
    I love synchronicities!!💃🏼

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