Quirky Garden Hacks!!

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Quirky Garden Hacks!! – 1

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Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

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One of the things l really like learning about is tricks to do with stuff – quirks or as l sometimes like to say ‘I Don’t Sink Knees’, better known as idiosyncrasy’s! I am always on the look out for hacks – and with gardening, plants and composting these are aplenty! I keep finding them, so l figured l would share them in batches of three as that is such a nice number … like ‘three’, l could say that all day you know?

Three, three or 3, 3, just roll off the tongue!


1 – Fourskin Appeel!!

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I tend to put the banana peels direct into the food chopper and then add them alongside the other foods and add them to the compost bin,  worms love bananas as much as other waste … HOWEVER – if you wanted to , there is another use!

The peel of the banana is rich in nutrients – potassium, potash, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and the list goes on …. because of this there are lots of other uses for the cosy fourskins. The peel from this fruit decompose really quickly chopped up or not and because of this all these valueable nutrients are delivered to source and as well as a healthy offering with your flowers they can addiitionally prevent diseases affecting your plants.

If you wanted to however use them for a more direct application – then keep them to one side, cut them up with scissors amd place the chopped skins into a bowl of water and allow to steep for 36 hours. Once done, strain the contents – discarding of the spent peels into the compost, but use the new cold banana tea for the likes of enhancing blossoms on flowers, or use as a feed to your roses and tomatoes whom especially love this form of tea fertiliser.


You can also perform the same with your potato peels – chop them up, steep in cold water for 36 hours, sieve and use the contents in either a spray bottle or a direct application.


2 – Fly Away, Flies Away!

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Did you know that house flies don’t like certain plants – so if you want to avoid having them in the house, yet on hot days still want to have the windows open – then by having the following near your windows you might just find the flies not bothering you so much!

Basil, tomato, Hazel, marigold, tansy,  mints, Rosemary and lavenders – and failing all that …..’Venus fly trap and lots of them! But humour aside having some of the listed planted herbs and flowering herbs in your house will also provide you with a great smell!


3 – Pickling the Weeds!

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White vinegar can be used to kill weeds – it’s a great way to get rid of weeds in your garden patio or growing through concrete pathways – it’s a natural weed killer and is eco friendly – spray it on the weeds and badda bing, badda bong within 7 – 10 days the weeds are dead! They turn black and die! We use it here as well as baking soda. It is more effective in the spring and summer months.

l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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    1. Where we tend to use white vinegar direct is on footpaths and patios, in other words where there is no additional growth – because vinegar is not weed specific, so if you were using it on say the lawn you are going to kill the grass as well.

      Some gardeners add salt to it, we have tried that, but because it is a natural killer, it’ll take longer. Don’t believe anyone who says it takes 2-3 days as that is rubbish it’ll take week to ten days.

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