Would You Do You Again?

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Would You Do You Again?

Something that Suze says a lot is “If l was to live my life again, l would do things differently – would you?” She asks me.

Mm, so in essence it ties in with a question l saw a couple of weeks ago in one of the shops we were in which basically asked … “Would you want to live longer but you are living a boring life or would you prefer to live half as long but have it action packed?”

My interpretation of this is this “Would l do me again?” and my question to you therefore is “Would you do you again?”

I do NOT have to linger for long on this …. l would most assuredly do me again and l would play harder and faster and be more riskier. I would live twice as hard the life l have lived now … but of course that is ONLY if l had the knowledge l have now – because  if l didn’t, would l have lived the life l have led and lived anyway?

I only really started taking risks in my early twenties if l had a choice of when my life was to stop, what age would l pick where l could say – hey, l have done enough? With the knowledge l have today l would say l am aiming for 70 please, but if l was from another life – l would say probably 50 or 60, l think l would be happy with that.

I don’t have many regrets, that is NOT saying l don’t have them, l have a few like all of us do – but my regrets are perhaps different to others, they are more individual and specific and selfish.

But that’s me – how about you? Would you do you again?”

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28 thoughts on “Would You Do You Again?

  1. i don’t think i’d do anything differently, then i’d be a different person than the one i know now. to me, regret is a bit pointless, everything we’ve done has led to us being as we are now. if that made any sense at all.

  2. I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one bit. All the drama trauma in my life taught me so much!! The best lessons, the meaningful ones, usually require hard work and some pain…growing pains.

    Do I want to do it all over again? No, thank you. I’ll just keep moving forward TYVM💕💃🏼

    1. Well luckily we only have one life – [well that’s debateable right Angie – it’s a;ll a matter of thought and interpretation – however there are times when l think ‘ooh l wouldn’t mind going back to that segment of my life’ 🙂

  3. Oh, I’d do damn near everything differently. I’d take more risks and be much bolder than I have been. I wouldn’t let things scare me. I’d ask for forgiveness more than I’d ask for permission and not live in fear of people. And that’s just a start…

  4. If I could start over at 18 yes. If I had to live my childhood over again and I was the only one who knew it was a do over or what no. I wouldn’t want to relive my childhood again but I sure would change a lot from 18 on. Before 18 I would really have no control over the things that need to be different. If that all makes since.

  5. I might make some different decisions or choose a different path to follow every now and then, but I’d probably end up in the same place, so what would be the point?

    1. But would you have? The old theory of stepping on a butterfly in the past would have a chain reaction to something in the future – so if we went back in time and relived our life, there is no way of guaranteeing our lives would be the same after a certain age.

        1. Well l totally believe that 🙂

          You can’t run away from who you are internally, but life shapes us differently – whilst we internally may be the same, external factors alter our path … l often wonder if l had taken the left turning, would l have ended up where l am now? The answer is probably not, but l would still be the same person, just in a different location at a different time 🙂

  6. HELL NOOO First off life’s hard anuff as it is so I wouldn’t want to do it twice.
    Secondly everything in life shapes us into the people we are so I wouldn’t want to be any different from the person I really am now 😀.

    Nice post Rory 😀.


    1. Well that’s nice Suze – on that principal l would say l would like to have met Suze earlier, but then there is no guarantee that our lives together would still be the same way or even on the same path as we are now. We only have one life and my philosophy is that we make the best of it as we can.

  7. I am ambiguous about this question. On the one hand, I’m enjoying my life now more than ever, but that is because I’m retired and have the freedom to do what I want and the time to travel. On the other hand, if I could do life over, (with 20/20 hindsight of course!), I would make some different choices. I would have liked to know myself better at a younger age and not followed a path because it was easy and convenient. I should have followed my instincts and done things I really liked and was good at. Instead, I tried to fit myself into a certain mold (like a round peg in a square hole or vice versa), justifying it as being what I wanted but never being as successful as I would have liked. I am thinking of my professional choices but the same could be said for personal ones. But why regret the past? It taught me the lessons that have made me who I am and I now am happy with myself. So I guess I will wait for my reincarnated self to “do it over.” With no memory of who I am now, of course, but having the chance at another life is a pretty attractive idea.

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