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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 02

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What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!


Do you hoard clutter or constantly de-clutter?

I have never been a huge hoarder – sadly l have lived with two partners who were horrendous hoarders – thankfully Suze is not a full on hoarder.  I don’t have many mementoes of life or the years, just my memories and l do have to declutter those at times once every seven years or so, when l sit down and start writing a new collection of something – the blog has helped enormously to de-clutter in a regulated fashion.

However l tend to live quite a minimalist lifestyle now, so only have what l need to keep and the rest goes. Suze and l possibly declutter now once every 12 weeks.


Do you enjoy cooking – if so what is your ‘special dish’  and if not ‘what is the dish you wish you could create?

Well l am a qualified chef – however l am not a huge follower of creating food – yeah yeah l know like WTF?? But it’s just l don’t have the same relationship with food as l once did in my fifties – way too many items cause me a problem – but having said all that – my three fields of speciality cuisine are salads, desserts and Eastern stir fry’s.


What are we likely to find in your condiment cupboard?

Mm, well l am a bit of a condiment freak in truth!  I like to have a range of condiments at hand when l am creating the various stir fries – so ‘soy sauce’, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, tabasco, horseradish, French mustard, mustard, Gochujang, fish sauce, Hoisin sauce, tahini, various chutneys, salsa, pesto, Worcestershire sauce and pepper, l think that is roughly it.

So there we go folks!

Three basic The Really You questions to kick the game off with …

… now it’s your turn!

If you create a post with your answer please do remember to add a ping back to this post – l am currently not getting all the links and so sometimes l never see your responses, so a manual link in the comments also helps out – Cheers Rory

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22 thoughts on “The Really You!

  1. I’m a de-clutterer. I got it from my dad, although he was more extreme and regularly threw out things that other members of the family still wanted/used.

    I don’t particularly like cooking for myself, but if it’s with/for a partner it’s much more pleasant.

    I have some soy sauce, fish sauce, and oyster sauce that I’ve had for a very long time, but I figure there’s so much salt they’ll never go bad. I’ve also got mayo, mustard, and ketchup, plus a couple kinds of vinegar.

    1. Hey Ashley, excellent – thanks for commenting – you camn never go wrong with condiments – have you ever tried mustard balls, ovenm roasted?

      Word of advice – don’t 🙂

  2. 1. Ha! One thing about living on a boat, you can’t hoard anything that;s impractical, inedible or cannot be worn. That habit has now transferred to land living!
    2. Hubby and I both love to cook. His speciality is liver, bacon and onions, whereas mine is curry, ginger and pineapple chicken, macaroni cheese, or lately tomato pasta.
    3.Don’t have a condiment cupboard or spice rack, but you will find fresh ginger and garlic in the veg rack, and I have a tray of herbs and spices. | don’t use salt in my cooking at all.

    1. Hey Di 🙂

      Thanks for commenting way to go for having no salt 🙂

      I also use a lot of herbs – mostly fresh when l have them, otherwiose a spice rack 🙂

  3. Nice post Rory 😀.
    Mmm stir fry love that kind of food.

    1. In a way yes I hoard things if I think I can use it or if I think it’s worth money although that hasn’t worked out most of the time I just get screwed in the end.

    2. I love to cook but can’t most of the time. I like making homemade spaghetti sauce and my Mexican macorone and cheese dish it’s expensive but boy is it good 😋.

    3. I have no condiment cupboard or spice rack but I do have a few condiments I pick up here and there but I love garlic powder I buy that every now and then and use it on nearly everything.
    A vampire would die in seconds drinking my blood 🤢 ☠️. 😂


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