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Today l went on a shopping excursion!! Yes indeedy, now the burning question with me was: … isn’t it socially acceptable to go shopping naked, or is that why people are staring at me,  if I motorboat the cashier, am I entitled to a discount?  Boxers, briefs, bikini,  books…or just an itsy bitsy thong?

Oh yeah!! It’s a true story – but which one IS the actual truth??

Rory Matier


I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.

Tommy Cooper

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14 thoughts on “Random Quotes 457#

  1. Yikes! That Toni Basil video😱 Its too bizarre… I thought Mickey was bad🙄

    I’m guessing you went shopping in your birthday suit😉 I remember the stories you wrote about a weekend (?) getaway and your zipline and waterskiing incidents.

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