4 Paws Diary – Ep 46

Episode 46

4 Paws Diary

13th November 2019

Borrowed Time and Lost Memo’s…. Apparently!!!

Anyone remember this? – 22nd September 2019 Episode 45

So,  this was to inform her readership that 4 Paws Diary Episode 45, is indeed the last episode for Scrappy. I will cover her news in the Dear Blog episodes. It was also just to say a big thank you to her fans and readers alike, l know she was always grateful for all the support. Scrappy and l briefly talked about this – and she agreed that she hasn’t got what is required to run the series in a fulfilling capacity anymore.

Hey Everyone!!

No really it’s me, Scrappy!!

Yes, dad and l DID have that conversation back in September and YES l did say to him at the time that l didn’t think l had the energy levels to continue with the series …but that was then and this is now, things change and so do attitudes and emotions!  You know? I am sure you probably do.

Well l asked dad last night if l could perhaps have an episode every now and again, and he said as long as l felt it wasn’t too much then yes, that’s fine.

This is just a quickie, a heads up to say ‘hey guess what? I am still here despite …..mm, two things that disturb me … l think, my memory is a little hazy at times, l think it may be the result of too much melted peanut butter in my youth!

I have overheard some conversations of late between mummy and dad and l am a little confused!? So first here are some recent photographs of me STILL HERE in my house [that was to dad and mummy when they read this post!]

Helping set up the Komposty boxes last month and there in my official role as fourpawson!

Last week in the garden [l think it was last week anyway!]

Taken this morning just prior to my starting to paw this post!

Relaxed, chilled, awake and aware of this coolness playing  in the office and dad dancing to it in his chair!

I listen to music all day everyday and YES most of it is trance, house, rave and jungle and l love it, it really helps me chill out and l drift to sleep listening to it.

I have recently had to tackle dad on something he keeps saying to people and to the vets a lot … and that is “Scrappy seems to be the ONLY one that didn’t get the memo about her condition!”

“Condition??” I thought, what condition??

If it wasn’t that, the other term would be used “Scrappy is still here thankfully, but on borrowed time.”

“Borrowed time, what on earth is that supposed to mean? So l have a condition and borrow time??” So l knew a quiet moment in dad’s ears was in order.

Well when he explained everything, l have to say l was a little shocked! Dying? Me, who said l was dying?? I am not dying … what l know is this ….. l am getting old, l am 16 at the end of this month .16!!

Let’s examine that shall we? According to the canine experts, year 1 for a medium sized dog is worth 15 of a 2 legged, year 2 = 9 2 legged years, so by the age of two l was already 24 years of age! Then for the rest of my years it is worth 5 years of that of a 2 legged. Mm, so let’s say l am already 16  to make it easier … that makes me 24 plus 14 x 5 = 70 – so l am 94 years of age!! Now that’s an old 2 legged, and its an even older dog!! So, l am creaky, l am forgetful, l do ache and l am slower and l may be poorly – but l am still going!!!

According to dad, l have a bum lump, a tummy lumps, K9 impairment, slight deafness [actually l would say it’s more selective in my favour] and arthritis [which l say is just ageing rickittyness!]

I answered him back with … “Listen up dad, l’ll say this only once unless l forget l have said it at all, then l might say it again …. however for what l think is my first time of saying it …. l eat like a horse, so l have a healthy appetite – although l might be eating for two as in me and my bumpy buddys, l walk every day – okay slower than normal, but l do so without help,  l go to the toilet by myself both for number 1 and 2 – with NO help, l still have the occasional mad five minutes, l sleep really well and l wake up after each nap and nighttime to dawn sleep, l still have most of my faculties … except at night when l lose my bearings … and also may l remind you that when we walk out in the morning l get my social in with or should l say ‘whiff’ my sniffs and then l am still having to slow down and wait for you to catch up when we are walking back home!

“Now, furthermore … let’s look at it all logically … l am a very much loved pooch, with two great caring 2 leggeds, who feed me, and spoil me [thank you for the liver last night and always thank you for my cooked chicken], and walk with me in the mornings and help with the gardening, who always look out for me, who love me, tuck me in at night to sleep, always check on me to make sure l am okay and always remember me – even when at times l am driving them nuts with some of my whacky behaviours…, l feel loved, and l know l am old, but l am still here, and when it’s time for me to not be, one of us will know and do what is right to let the other one know. What more could l ask for?”

So l think it was only fair to tell dad that … we don’t know, if we listened to the vets back in July they had me dead and cremated by end August and yet, here l am mid November, not bad for a dying dog living on borrowed time that didn’t get the memo about my condition … l say!”

Dad agreed and answered me with …. “Okay Scrappy, l couldn’t ask for anything more from my favourite little girl!”

But folks!! I am still here, and l shall try to paw when l can just to if anything say hi, because l am an old, old dog of 94 wowee that’s old, think l’ll just stick to nearly 16 – it’s younger and more vibrant, am l right?

Thanks All!

Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

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16 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 46

  1. Hey Scrappy, great to hear from you again. Thank goodness you’re doing well and are enjoying life. You must make your dad understand that the vet is not to trusted all the time. Enjoy ❤️🐾🐾🐾

  2. Quite right Scrappy! So good of you to set the record straight. You are a K9 Grande Dame and receiving the treatment due your age and station. You have trained your 2leggeds well❣💕💖💌

    1. Indeedy, indeedy Grandma, was thinking of giving classes – may have to enrol Zeus – you don’t have enough on your plate, l think you need Zeus to be more demanding ha ha 🙂

      1. He’s already getting more demanding. Ever since we rescued Diesel, our new itty bitty feline, he’s been telling me what to do or not do more frequently. He has developed quite the vocal range lately. Not just barking but whines, yowls, grunts and other sounds I dont have words for.
        I guess he wants to make sure he isn’t forgotten or demoted. As if! Besides, the kitten is still quarantined in one room.🙄

  3. Hi Scrappy 🐶 it made my morning to hear from you. You have more wisdom and common sense in one little paw 🐾 than many two leggeds who are half your age. Do take care and enjoy all the sniffs and naps and in betweens 😊🐶🐾

  4. Oh hello beautiful Scrappy! So nice to hear from you! 🙂 Oh, tell your dad that the vets not always are right, same as with 2 legged doctors…:)
    Keep going dear Scrappy! You are much loved! ❤️🐶 🐾

    1. Morning Ribana, thank you – yes very true, very true – dad and mummy always looking out for me, but it is worrying for them, hope you are keeping well 🙂

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