Well You Prompted Me!!

Well You Prompted Me!!

This week l have seen three  prompts from three terrific bloggers and their blogs which well ‘prompted me obviously!’ PS – This Prompt is lifeless in the WP Reader – there is more colour for starters and more shape than the dullness of the Reader – which is WHY l hate the reader! Look at this on the Blog itself.

The bloggers and the prompts in question are:

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #40


The Monday Peeve 9

With Paula’s it’s a little different as it’s not a Peeve, but something she wrote which was this line from her post ..

Today’s peeve is parents who… don’t parent in public. Now, before anyone starts up with special cases of differently abled kids (or whatever the term du jour is), I’m talking about the standard-issue kid, who runs around yelling and being a general nuisance in stores and restaurants, while the parents do nothing to stop it. Last Friday some friends and I were having dinner and socializing in a sports bar/restaurant that was frankly inappropriate for children since it was mostly a place to drink, watch sports, and shoot pool. I would never have brought children there in the first place.

Finally it was Sadje’s prompt of What do you see # 3


Now in addition to all that l was also listening to this piece of music …


The Standard Issued Kid

She lay there, enveloped in her fantasy, daydreaming and reading about the artist and how he was able to capture so much colour, and that he was self-taught and inspiring and inspired by colour and the vibrancy of colour and that everything was, is, will be,  always will be about creative imagination, and colour and fantasy and about not being the average guy, not being the standard issued kid – he wasn’t the bulk standard artist, he was already an artist long before he was an artist, and the more she dreamed about the artist and the colours and that the more you looked at reality the more unreality and surreality you could see from just one glimpse of reality – it’s mind blowing, and grateful she was that she was lying down and that the waves were not threatening to overtake her whilst she read, that the horses,  but not just white horses were frolicking in the surf and that the above waterfalls if you looked you could see lovers – but she wasn’t looking at lovers, she was looking at the guy who had nothing whatsoever to do with the artist, he was just some dude on page 117 …j… who happened to be drawing some guy who wasn’t the artist, and who wasn’t the normal, but who may have been the standard issued kid! But he wasn‘t in the book, he was just some guy, drawing some guy who was looking at the guy drawing the guy that wasn’t on page 117, because she was daydreaming about the imaginations of Jim Warren!

Rory Matier

I’m not sure if anyone — how anyone trains for it, l mean for all of this, you just jump into the deep end and you swim.

Jim Warren

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Well You Prompted Me JPEG


PS – This Prompt is lifeless in the WP Reader – there is more colour for starters and more shape than the dullness of the Reader – which is WHY l hate the bloody reader! Look at this on the Blog itself.

19 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!!

      1. I went to “desktop site” from my phone. In the reader, the poem is so far to the right margin that it doesnt show at all.
        I saw all the colors… lined up and (to my eyes anyway) randomly placed, it’s just like Ben’s chalk.

        1. I never use the reader in truth, as l think it screws with the creativity of some sites, having said that – there are two blogs l follow that have really difficult navigation on their blog and the only way l can read their blog is with the reader – so l use it for two blogs.

          I only see my blog as an outsider would view it anyway – but interesting what you say 🙂

  1. PS… ya know. I never realized that I dont usually read the “reader” version. It’s a mobile version of the site I usually use. There’s a box in lower left marked “visit” and that’s what I usually do.
    Even with that, it reduces the margins… 🤔

  2. Brilliant. I am reading it from the reader but will open my laptop to see it. Love the way you have formulated the post.

  3. Nice post Rory 😀. Lovely poem 😀.

    I tryed reading it on the app put your poem doesn’t show up so I went to Firefox and read it, half the color is missing on the app other than the pics them selves.


    1. Hey Dawn, it’s funny, l use a desktop for my computer work only, and it works really well with that – but not so well on phones and laptops apparently, interestingly and curiously enough.

      1. Ya the formatting is different for phones and tablets but most laptops are the same as a desktop so I don’t know why it’s different on a laptop, I had the same problems with my website not this one.

        BY FOR NOW

  4. I love this piece, Rory 🙂 The words really chime and the way you’ve used the colours also made me look at the words almost in the way I’d look at a painting. Very clever!

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