Dear Blog – 08.55 – 11/11/19

Stiff in the Morning!!

Scrappy and l are a little bit stiff ….  l got up slightly later this morning, 7.35am to be precise and l was stiff and l don’t mean just that stiff, but l was that stiff but all over – so l shuffled out of bed in the usual zombie like fashion, limping because yesterday l managed to split a heel in the garden, tripped over the doughnut which is Scrappy’s bed … she didn’t awaken – she sleeps more these days, stumbled into the hallway and limped my way down the corridor to the kitchen where l could hear Suze making coffee and then as l turned the corner l was blinded by her SAD lamp which always reminds me of ‘do do do do from Close Encounters, never mind their blaring glaring light sequence and was instantly slammed back into the corridor darkness trying to recover from having my eyeballs seared out of my skull!



Good morning world!

The other reason l was reluctant to get out of bed this morning is that when l retired to bed last night aheam, this morning at 2.35am it was hammering it down with more rain!! So this morning laying in bed feeling stiff [make of that as you will], l was listening to the rains and my dog snoring at the foot of the bed … thinking … “What do l want to get up for to this grey horribleness? Why would anyone want to get up??”

But l got up and it wasn’t long before Suze left for work and as l helped her get things to the car – was greeted with this… front and back!

IMG_2608 (2)

Raining so damn hard there are rivers of water cascading down the slopes, thank goodnesss we live on a hill!

IMG_2610 (2)

Meanwhile – out in the back garden … that mulch we dug in yesterday will now be both dragged down by the monster worms as well as naturally seep into the grounds – so the nutrient process has started!

IMG_2612 (2)

Joys, all this rain does is 1] remind me that soon madam la Scrappy will awaken and irrelevant to the hammering of raindrops she will want to be walked via the routine of the morning walk and then get frustrated that she is wet! 2] Remind me that l must get the back garden’s watering system sorted out!

In truth, l don’t ache as much as l thought l might this morning, the more l do the gardening the more my exercise routine is being worked – still exercising – l read that all we ‘sit down all day geeks’ need is the minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week – well l am getting that – last week l was in the garden a total of 9 hours and each hour was involved with something strenuous – l think l am good. Now l just need to get some walking in and l am ready to rock roll and rumble!

Oh well, here we are two coffees later, one now awakened Scrappy [last 15 minutes], l need to shower and then dress up like a khaki version of the Michelin Man and get myself out into that very wet day and come back with the joys of springs in my steps! Maybe if l am lucky l can zig zag between the falling raindrops!!

Catch y’all later!

Dear Blog ……

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28 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 08.55 – 11/11/19

  1. I think you’re overdoing the gardening! After a cold shower from the reading you should have a warm one to ease the aching muscles.

    1. I did have my showers directly after l finished with the gardening – still going to ache.

      The gardening is my main go to for exercise now that l have lost the miles l used to do with Scrappy every morning.

      What is done in the garden now, will be worth it for next season, just got to get the routine of the working garden back, that takes time. Suze and l used to spend perhaps 12 hours a week in the veg garden 2016/17 and 18 before my shoulder problem and her becoming ill kicked in, so all our routines need to be reintroduced 🙂

        1. Oh yes very much so. I spoke to my physio about my plans and he gave me a heads up and what l can and cannot do, he said l would feel the damage pretty quick if l got it wrong 🙂

          The beauty of the garden is that the secret is to move in all different directions and to not fixate on one specific movement, so yesterday l worked a bit of this for 20 minutes, then something else 🙂

          I no longer ache now, meaning that apart from the first aches of the morning, l am indeed exercising in a balanced way 🙂

            1. Hey Sadje, thank you – l too am pleased thatit is going well – both Suze and l received wake up calls with either the shoulder injury for me or nearly dying for her 🙂

              We have both learned that we can’t keep expecting our bodies and indeed ourselves to just keep going – learned to respect life a lot more.

    1. Hey Kim, yes it is – but it’s because the gardening routine was broken from between last year and this year, so it needs to be rooted again and get working again – can’t have an easy garden without hard work to begin with 🙂

      Hope you are keeping well 🙂

    1. Hey Ribana, that’s the beauty of exercise – it certainly improves your health. Sadly l don’t have the same exercise routine with Scrappy anymore – we used to walk a good few miles every morning, now we are lucky if she wants to walk a couple of hundred yards.

      So getting the best out of the exercise l do have available – aka the gardening makes life easier.

      You are working a range of muscles when gardening in comparison to walking. But there will come a time soon l fear that Scrappy will not be here anymore and l will start walking again.

      These days l just like to be close at hand for her.

      1. You’re right! Gardening is a good exercise for entire body! I remember when I was at home, our vegetable garden was small but every day was something to do and after a few hours every day, you could really feel all the muscles hearting 😅
        I know the day is near and I’m so sorry…I guess the only thing that is very important right now for her is to have you by her side! 🐶🐶

        1. Hey Ribana, that’s true – you know a lot of people they say ‘Oh you have the perfect garden, it must be easier for some people? I always laugh when l hear this said to people to gardeners – because gardening may look simple, may look pretty may be producing good quality vegetables – but what many forget and you already know, is that when you are gardening, you are never not without something to do, and if the garden looks good and it looks easy ”’now”’ is because someone bust their asses with hard work to make it look that good months before 🙂

    1. Oh white shite how l don’t long for that, luckily this far east in Kent, we don’t see that much of it, not like when l was in Lincolnshire and the Fen’s second name was white shite!

      Hey, but you are out of it – 750 miles lol, that makes me smile – everytime l read that and l think dayum, if that was the UK you’d be in another country! 750 miles good grief – well have yourself a good time house hunting 🙂

    1. Well, strangely enough – YES, and it’s warm – but l am on a recovery day today – l could go out and get stuff done, rake up the leaves and so on – but nope l have bloggy things to do 🙂

  2. 9 hours of working in your garden, I would say is a fantastic workout!
    Between the rain and that exertion, that’s why you are so stiff.
    We are to expect rain between tonight and all day tomorrow and I already feel it in my knees and back. That cold to the bones dampness really takes a toll.
    Feel Better my friend! 😉

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