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Diane Colleen Lane (born January 22, 1965) is an American actress. Born and raised in New York City, Lane made her screen debut in George Roy Hill’s 1979 film A Little Romance.

She has since appeared in several notable films, including the 2002 film Unfaithful, which earned her Satellite, New York Film Critics Circle, and National Society of Film Critics awards for Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama). Her performance in Unfaithful also garnered her Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Best Actress.

Lane has starred in The Outsiders (1983), Judge Dredd (1995), A Walk on the Moon (1999), The Perfect Storm (2000), Under the Tuscan Sun (2003), Cinema Verite (2011), Trumbo (2015), and in the sixth season of House of Cards. She played Martha Kent in Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017).


I first saw Diane in The Outsiders 1983, and then again in Rumble Fish same year and The Cotton Club 1984 which had an incredible casting couch to it and by which time l just loved what she did and decided to keep a track of her career. Now l also know that Paula of Light Motifs II happens to like her as well.  Here are what l think are her Top 15 best performances to date.

1 – Unfaithful – 2002

Connie, a married woman, bumps into Paul, a handsome stranger, and finds herself attracted to him. However, when she pursues an extra-marital affair with him, Edward, her husband, gets suspicious.

2 – Under the Tuscan Sun- 2003

Frances Mayes, a 35-year-old San Francisco writer, gets a divorce that leaves her with terminal writer’s block and depression. Later, she decides to buy a house in Tuscany in order to change her life.

3 – A Little Romancen- 1979

A French boy and an American girl are teenagers who go to school. They meet and fall in love but the girl’s mother does not approve this. They befriend a man called Julius who helps them to elope.

4 – Nights in Rodanthe – 2008

Two unhappy people’s lives entwine when they fall in love. A hotel inn, fate and a sudden change of luck help them find solace and true love.

5 – The Cotton Club – 1984

The lives of various characters intersect at Harlem’s renowned Cotton Club. Handsome horn player Dix Dwyer (Richard Gere) falls for Vera Cicero (Diane Lane), the stunning girlfriend of famous gangster Dutch Schultz (James Remar). Meanwhile Dix’s brother, Vincent (Nicolas Cage), falls in with Schultz‘s crew, while Owney Madden (Bob Hoskins), the jazz venue’s proprietor, has his own mob ties. Although Dix goes on to become a Hollywood actor, his life doesn’t get any less complicated or dangerous.

6 – The Outsiders – 1983

A teen gang in rural Oklahoma, the Greasers are perpetually at odds with the Socials, a rival group. When Greasers Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) and Johnny (Ralph Macchio) get into a brawl that ends in the death of a Social member, the boys are forced to go into hiding. Soon Ponyboy and Johnny, along with the intense Dallas (Matt Dillon) and their other Greaser buddies, must contend with the consequences of their violent lives. While some Greasers try to achieve redemption, others meet tragic ends.

7 – Hollywoodland – 2006

When Hollywood superstar George Reeves dies in his home, private detective Louis Simo is hired to investigate his death and gets caught in a web of lies involving a big studio executive’s wife.

8 – The Perfect Storm – 2004

Captain Billy Tyne and his crew embark on a fishing expedition aboard the Andrea Gail. However, their ship soon gets caught in an unusually destructive storm.

9 – Secretariat – 2010

Penny has no knowledge about horse racing but takes charge of her father’s stable. She enters the male-dominated business and attempts to create history by winning the first triple crown in 25 years.

10 – Murder at 1600 – 1997

A woman is murdered in the White House and detective Regis is called. The investigation suggests it to be a sex crime and Regis learns that the President’s son has a history of similar acts.

11 – Man of Steel – 2013

After Superman discovers that he has extraordinary powers, he decides to use them for doing good. He even fights against members of his own race to defend the people of Earth.

12 – Trumbo – 2015

Top screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is blacklisted from Hollywood after being accused of using his scripts as a Communist propaganda.

13 – My Dog Skip – 2000

In 1942, a shy boy receives an exuberant Jack Russell terrier that plays matchmaker and helps protect him from bullies.

14 – Jack – 1996

Jack, a 10-year-old boy, suffers from a condition that makes him look much older than he really is. This leads to him facing a lot of difficulties in school but he soon wins over his classmates.

15 – Judge Dredd – 1995

In the year 2139, a judge is wrongly framed for a murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. His mentor informs him that he needs to stop a former judge from creating chaos in the society.


So? Diane Lane – are you a fan of hers or not?

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  1. Love the ones I’ve seen especially Unfaithful. But I didn’t like Rodanthe. Which was a shame because it had a great cast… just so boring & predictable!

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