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The Teddy Bear Stories


Some of my readership may know that l have a thing for Teddy Bears and they may further know that in addition to my own teddy bears l rescue ‘lost teddy bears’. You may be familiar with my poem Bear Necessities and you may also recall this published post  Bear Necessities 2018 written last year  and so the image below you may recognise which was originally taken in 2017. You can see the majority of my collection or family there… Mickey Mouse and Henry Bear [to Mickey’s left in the image] are the two eldest.


December 2017

The Teddy Bear Stories is to be a short series on the stories of each of the Teddy Bears l have and my adopted/rescued [and gifted] teddys and co. These are like family to me, and especially Henry and Mickey who l shall write about properly in the first episode.

I don’t have memories in things per se, my memories are inside my head, but of the few small possessions that l do hold dear, Henry and Mickey are two and when l am long gone l have requested that my family here is cremated with me.

The images below show the stars of this mini series …

IMG_2513 (2)

October 2019

IMG_2518 (2)

IMG_2512 (2)

IMG_2517 (2)

October 2019

I have a real soft spot for my Teddy Family … l can’t even explain why? Henry and Mickey were my two first closest friends when l was growing up in a dysfunctional warzone and travelled everywhere with me, maybe it is to do with the early bonding or escape l don’t know … but l would rescue more – but Suze says ….. no…. mm!

Anyway, first episode soon.

Thanks for reading … Rory

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