Blending Matter In Matters Too!

IMG_2511 (2)

Kitchen waste blended and blending!

Blending Matter In Matters Too!

Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

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Just a quickie folks ….

I trialled my new blender today on the kitchen waste l have here just to see what the result looks like.

The sun was shining again today, so l took advantage of it for a couple of hours work outside – l feel much better when l am outside for a while. So l did the usual – filled the bird feeders and raked up the fallen leaves and then started shifting content from the old compost system to the new system and as you can see by the image above, the second unit is getting close to being filled as well as the first – but still aways from the old system being emptied and my bins which should have turned up today haven’t yet.

IMG_2507 (2)

IMG_2510 (2)

Our gardener was in yesterday [rather astonishingly given the amount of rain that fell early morning] mowing the grass and hoeing the beds, and so l had all that garden waste to add to the units which filled up a good 6″ of the compost unit, and then old compost was added in as well and then the blended kitchen waste and some cardboard.

Meet Toby!

No, l don’t know why l called him Toby, but it struck me as a Toby!

IMG_2497 (2)

IMG_2501 (2)

Kitchen waste – lemon, chopped banana, cucumber, avacado skin, cooked pasta, tea bags, apple cores, onions, courgette and asparagus.

IMG_2500 (2)

Kitchen waste 1 ready!

IMG_2503 (2)

30 seconds too long!!

IMG_2504 (2)

Kitchen waste 2 and 10 seconds ample!

IMG_2506 (2)

Bagged waste ready to go into heap for worm food!

IMG_2511 (2)

Kitchen waste scattered and hoed into pile and watered down – job done!

I am not unhappy with this at all – it will make off loading the kitchen waste a lot easier, and will aid the composting process equally as much as aiding the worms eating habits – no they don’t need help, but with the wastes scattered and hoed in effectively, it means our worm population will become more balanced and in turn so too will the microbial activity balance be more effective.

Breaking all the matter down makes the whole process of composition degrade faster and this in turn means producing a healthy nutrient rich compost soil for your gardens, your vegetables, your table and of course your dietary requirements and health.

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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