What are your top three Seasonal Events?

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What are your top three Seasonal Events?

Having just finished the Halloween challenge it did make me think on the future of ‘challenges’, and what specifically were people’s favourites? In the last twelve months l have had challenges for Pirates Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and a couple of others … but l did wonder what actual events people liked and indeed celebrated?

So – what are ‘your’ top 3 seasonal events?

I struggle with this question myself – as l see most days as pretty much the same as the next day – there is no significant difference between days – l am the same with regards my birthday as l am with Christmas. Suze would answer with ‘‘Now  that the kids are gone very few and if l had a partner who celebrated seasonal events more it might be different.”

Suze was mostly big on the events with regards children.

But do you have favourite ‘events within the seasons as in favourite ‘special days? If so, which ones?

Let me know below in the comments section, but also let me know if you might like to take part in a guest writer capacity for a new series l have planned in for later this year on a host of topical subjects.

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37 thoughts on “What are your top three Seasonal Events?

  1. Are you talking personally or blogally? Personally, I enjoy going to Northern California for Thanksgiving ~ it’s sort of become a bit of a tradition for me to go up in the fall at some point. My daughter’s birthday is in November and I like to see her around then. I go again in April or May so she can celebrate my birthday. I guess that is our “spring” seasonal celebration. My other daughter lives closer, so we get together whenever (like yesterday for no reason).

    For my blog, I’m focusing more on fiction and poetry and less on questions and stuff about me (boring!), though I will do anything that catches my interest. I will do photo prompts that I like the look of or phrases/word groups that inspire me. I’m not much into writing stories that are constrained by a whole bunch of weird phrases though. How’s that for honesty? 😜

      1. Hmm, i guess that would be one of those I know it when I see it type of things. Basically, I dislike phrases for prompts in general. I prefer single words or a picture. I especially avoid strange phrases. My view is that I’m writing for a new person, someone who has never visited my blog before and knows nothing of the WP community. So, they aren’t going to understand any inside jokes or know why I’m sticking awkward phrases in a piece of fiction. They’ll just think it’s bad writing…

        1. I wouldn’t call you guilty, since Melanie ran with it and I found her fiction hilarious. But I began a piece and gave up. I didn’t want to put the stiffy phrase on my blog. I may be becoming a prude! 😂 I couldn’t find a way to write a story I felt happy with, that I felt would grab a new person’s interest, while using those phrases. So, I gave up.

    1. This is a good quality answer Paula – more than you might know – really good – an answer that provides a lot of further answers that my thinking is drifting to – so thank you again.

      1. Very welcome. I hope it’s not insulting. I realize many people have fun with the insider games and I did too. But I’ve decided to ensure that all my posts are written for anyone stumbling upon my blog. Does that make sense? I don’t want my writing to appear walled off, as if I’m telling jokes to friends who already know a code.

        1. I am pretty sure l know what you mean – why would it be insulting? You mean to me, or as in generally? I am not insulted by any standards –

          I have noticed a shift in the last month, not specifically from you per se, although l have noticed your shift anyway, but we have written on this before anyway … l too am shifting and l am working my shift in, l think it must be something we do as we become longer in the tooth maybe – l am still a novice noob with blogging, but there are things l am happier doing and as l shift, l am struggling a bit – l don’t know if that makes for sense – l am not trying to come across as selfish and l hope my own moves don’t come across like that – this is more difficult to write than l thought it would be – but l like certain things more than others and l am feeling happier with certain styles more than others and l am tiring of ‘these inside things’ you talk of – but this is an excellent conversation and more difficult to express in written form.

          Does that even make sense? I think we are on the same page, but l am at the bottom reading up, and you are at the top reading down 🙂

        2. Yes, I have noticed your shift into longer more meaningful pieces and no reblogs. I approve! I dislike reblogs as I have blogged about lol. It clutters the newsfeed with posts many of us have already seen. I feel that is just a way to keep yourself being seen all day long, grrrr. I too am writing longer pieces, in the form of those serial fiction stories, and when I occasionally answer question/award posts I go into more detail, instead of grabbing so many and flinging them out as I was. Many days now I don’t do the 3TC or any word prompts because I’m a bit bored with all that, but overall i feel my blog is more writerly with the random photo post and of course MUSIC!

        3. I have started to really reduce down now l was working a target of 5 pieces a day and one flexi with a view to changing that to 4 pieces and maybe one flexi in January – but l am currently working between 4 – 6 now a day with the average being five and a lot happier with it.

          I wanted to offer more diversity in topical pieces and questions and still do my stories, but something l noticed recently as in the overall shift in WP is this let’s call it a ‘thang’ is moving – l noticed the shift as said with you and watched yours and thought, mm, Paula is moving in the same direction as me but with more fictionalised style … [yes l also approve].

          Me, of late is struggling with ‘prompts’ and now only wish to do 1 or 2 a week if l want – you also mention the ‘serial fiction stories’ and l too am moving into that of sorts but with reality, but certain series l currently run need to stop – more or less now lol, because like you, they are no longer me and now l want to write longer pieces.

  2. I love holidays and celebrations. Let me break this down by season. I’ll start with fall since that’s the one we are currently in:

    Favorite Fall Celebrations:
    – Halloween
    -My Birthday (my mom & brother started some traditions for my birthday that have managed to withstand time, and are still a part of my birthday celebrations today. I love spending time with people I love, which is what it basically boils down too)

    -New Year
    -Family Birthday’s
    -Saint Patrick’s Day

    -The Coming of the Cherry Blossoms
    I celebrate Easter, but I’m not a huge fan. It’s definitely not my favorite Holiday
    -Cinco De Mayo – I mean why not enjoy a holiday that is all about eating tacos & drinking margaritas? Lol.

    -Independence Day
    -My husband’s birthday
    -other family birthday’s

    If you think I would be a good candidate for topics regarding your guest posts, I would be interested. 🙂

  3. I personally find the bru-ha-ha of holidays stressful. It’s less now than when my daughters were younger and their dad & I (mostly me) tried to make all the holidays special.

    We do Halloween, we cook a turkey breast on Thanksgiving cuz older daughter loves the turkey & it’s one of the few times I’ll make my cheesy taters, Christmas cuz tree, Santa & presents for Ben, Easter cuz eggs and candy for Ben. Also Chistmas & Easter I’m required to make the cheesy taters.

    My (extended) family decided to stop coming to my house for holidays and it’s not possible to take Ben to my mother’s house or 100 miles to my brother’s house, so it’s just me, my daughters & Ben.

    As for blogging, all the holidays have things that could be done and it could be fun. I dont want to see you, my friend, doing tons of work and getting little response. 💌
    Sorry for the novel length answer…also, if I haven’t replied yet about the guest writer thing, sounds like fun. I’m interested.

    1. With regards this Angie … As for blogging, all the holidays have things that could be done and it could be fun. I dont want to see you, my friend, doing tons of work and getting little response…”

      That’s an accurate observation, and this challenge [Halloween] will be the last challenge – because l believe there is a shift with the way people interact – l have noticed it in the last month especially – but l’ll not be doing anymore.

        1. Yes exactly, l derive fun from others getting a kick out of things, but if they are more of a chore then it’s pointless 🙂 Plus l don’t need the extra stress of it all as you say 🙂

          I am in the process of shifting certain things off the blog because they either no longer work or are no longer me – because life’s way too short to do stuff just for the sake of doing it 🙂

  4. My top three seasonal events:
    1. The World Series (Major League Baseball)
    2. The Super Bowl (National Football League)
    3. March Madness (NCAA College Basketball)

  5. Nice post Rory 😀.

    My top three are =

    I love Halloween for it’s ambyons and rich history in the spoky nice.
    I love Thanksgiving for it’s history.
    I love Christmas for what it’s suppose to be.
    But most of all I love this three Holidays for the kindest, generosity and love people show for no another, if only people could act this way all year round how much better would the world be for all of us. 😢


  6. My top three: Halloween. St. Patrick’s Day (I have Celts in my ancestry and I married an Irish “bloke” ((several generations removed of course)) ); and lastly perhaps Memorial Day (which is only celebrated in the States I believe). I don’t CELEBRATE wildly with any of these choices, but I decorate for the first two and I try to visit at least one grave of an ancestor on the third. I think about those who have passed away. The rest of them? Meh. Thanksgivingmasnewyears is so full of anxiety and stress for me that frankly I’d rather ignore the whole mess. I will cook a turkey (for one) on Thanksgiving and I usually end up at a siblings’ house where we don’t eat until 1 in the morning (slight exaggeration) but I don’t really enjoy that block of holiday ‘cheer’. Oddly my sibling (of the late dinners) said that he too does not enjoy any of those either. Maybe it’s a family thing?

    And to the co-author/host writing thing, I already volunteered on another post. I’m looking forward to what you come up with! 😀

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