Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Quiz Answers

Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Quiz Answers

How well, did you do or did you think you did? Answers below … Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind and Angie of King Ben’s Grandma let me know how well you did – 1 point for each correct answer.


The Pumpkin is a Frevegtable – true or false?

Frevegetable is NOT a real word – however there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether the Pumpkin is indeed a fruit or a vegetable? This is a trick question as it is both a fruit to some and a vegetable to others.


What is the Cabbage Night?

The night of mischief!


New York hosts what exactly on Halloween?

A Halloween parade in which up to as many as 50,000 people celebrate.


When in Rome … give Bobby a call! What is the relationship to Halloween here with this question?

Bobbing for apples originated in Ancient Rome ‘Bobby’


The Celts were NOT superstitious, right?

Does a bear shit in the woods? Yeah it does and the Celts were highly superstitious too!!


The Lanterns that Jack built were called what?

Mm, let me see ‘Jack o Lanterns!


There are six huge Pumpkin producing Americam States – Yes or No?

Yes that’s true!


Each year how many pounds of candy corn is produced?

12 Million Pounds?

35 Million Pounds?

137 Million Pounds?


How many films have used this track as one of the soundtracks to the movie itself? [ Name as many as you can]

O Fortuna from Carmen Burana – Carl Orff

Excalibur 1981/Glory 1989/The Doors 1991/Natural Born Killers 1994 – there is quite a few you could have had.


Early Halloween costumes were made from what materials?

Animal Head and Skin


Which pumpkins are real pumpkins?

Blue, green, red, glow in the dark, orange and white

All of them – well perhaps not the glow, but wouldn’t that be neat?


Transylvania is found deep in the heart of Texas – right? If not there … where?



Samhainophobia is what exactly?

The Fear of SAM! No, the fear of Halloween!


Eeek you are being attacked by a werewolf … what do you need to help you apart from better luck …

A very long nobbly stick, a cardboard box to hide in, a werewolf costume or a gun with silver bullets?

Silver bullets and good aim!


The purpose to a bell inside a coffin was for what exactly??

To let people know you weren’t really dead!


A cricket bat, a mouse eared bat, a furry cat, a dead rat, a rather annoying gnat, a muddy footmat, a school brat, a fallen splat and a wombat are all things that Count Dracula can change into, yes?

No of course not, it’s a bat it’s just a bat!


Do Mummies smell and if so, of what?



Bram Stoker did what for Dracula?

He created Dracula


Mary Shelley helped Frankenstein how?

She created Frankenstein


The Day The Pumpkin Exploded 3 1991 was a huge horror success for which American county?

This is a false question – however if THERE are any budding film makers out there – this could be a success!!


It wasn’t always pumpkins that were used for halloween carvings … what vegetable was it?



Souling and Guising are other names for ?

Trick and Treat


Last time you played with a ouji board and it went wrong was?

Well for me it was when l was 17 – it was 1980 – l then spent the years between 1981 – 1993 trying to correct the mistake – not sure about the rest of you folks!!


Sprinkled garlic at your doorstep will do what exactly?

Trick question – it is actually salt and it is to display a sign of purity as well as to deflect the attentions of negative spirits.


Why were Halloween costumes originally made?

To ward off the dead, the ghosts of the dead and negative spirits.


If your birthday is October 31st what special ability are you gifted with?

To talk to the spirits ‘ the ol’ l see dead people thang!!’


A group of witches is better known as a sloven, oven, coven or kloven?



Nyctophobia is the fear of what?

The night/darkness


Triskaidekaphobia 13 would be a greatly honest Tee shirt design right?

Good question – however it is hard core superstition with the number 13…


Which song was a 1973 hit for Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers?

This was Monster Mash!

1 What year was the movie Freaks released?


2 True or false? It took 21 days to make the film Halloween?

20-21 days is correct in 1978 as a Budget movie at the cost of $300K

3 What does the Hong Kong’s Lue Yan mean?

Festival of the Hungry Ghosts


Halloween’s most popular sweet or candy is what?? Please discuss why you think your answer is correct in the Mystery Challenge.


5 During his lifetime Lon Chaney played a host of film characters – which are most notorious for the likes of Halloween? [As in monsters he played, list in your answer]

Phantom, Hunchback, Wolfman, Mummy, Vampire, Frankenstein

6 Which events sell more candies/sweets – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s or Halloween?

The actual answer is Halloween tops the absolute lot and why? Because with Halloween you are giving sweets away.

Why do you think that – Justify your answer in the Mystery Challenge

7 What was the year Universal Pictures released the first feature length Wolfman film and what was it’s actual Title?

1913 – The Werewolf although there is some controversy here and some might list the answer as 1935 but that was ‘Werewolf of London’.

8 How long has Halloween been around for?

About 6,000 years.


What’s your best and funniest story for Halloween or the 31st October ?

Now this can be true or false – it’s up to you! But it’s only to be written about in the Mystery Challenge.

10 The first Halloween card was made when?

Between 1890 – 1920

11 Witch as a word came from what?

Wica [Wicca]

12 What’s a bonefire?

Original terminology for Bonfire and a literal meaning of a fire of bones.

13 Scarecrows and Halloween go together for what reason – how are they symbolic to each other?

Halloween  – scare crows away and that is the connection as crows are associated with Halloween

14 In Hong Kong the Halloween celebrations are known as?

Yue Lan

15 What does Wica mean?

“Wica – Saxon’ – Wicca = old traditional witchcraft

16 How many of the challenges for the Monster Bash have you completed – answer only in the Mystery Challenge.
17 Before the film was titled Hocus Pocus what was it originally going to be called?

Halloween House

18 Trick or Treat in practice is mostly commonly featured in which country?

United States

19 What is the normal number of candies allocated to tricksters or treaters on Halloween?

2 per child

20 What would your top costume choice be for Halloween? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge.
21 What do you think is the most popular adult halloween costume?

Apparently the most popular costume is ‘Witch’.

22 Trick and treat is the modern version of what tradition?

Guising and Souling

23 What’s your favourite colour choice … blood red, dark black, vomit green, puke puce or brown stool? – Answer only in the Mystery Challenge.

Mine is ‘blood red’

24 What is hallow?

A Holy Person

25 Halloween in Spanish is known as?

El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead or All Souls Day)

26 What were your answers for questions in Part 1 – 1, 11, 20 and 30? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge
27 Who would win a fight between the Addams Family and the Munsters? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge
28 Which were the better family – The Addams or the Munsters – discuss and Answer only in the Mystery Challenge

There were three challenges – this quiz wasn’t one – the three were however….

Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Spooky Tales – Challenge 1

Write a spooky story, tale or poem

Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Splice and Seek – Challenge 2

Create a story using the words ‘Shrunken Head Doctor’

Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Mystery Challenge – Challenge 3

Answer the underlined questions in the Quiz as a seperate post

Halloween Monster Bash Feature JPEG


5 thoughts on “Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Quiz Answers

  1. Maybe I missed the answer, but just how much candy corn IS produced? And (hair splitting, it’s not relevant of course) “Dia de los Muertos” is November 2nd. “Halloween” in Spanish (according to Google Translator anyway) is “Halloween”. Happy is “feliz”. So “Feliz Halloween”. My nephews have spent the last two years at Halloween in Mexico. Those folks down there celebrate for THREE DAYS, starting with Oct 31st and culminating on November 2nd. So they have “Halloween” or “All Hallows’ Eve”, “All Saints Day” and finally “All Souls Day”. Great and magnificent effort you put into doing this for us! Thank you so much!! 😀

  2. Gosh!! I don’t know how I missed the question you asked. I got exactly the same number right as Angie did. 30. BUT. I have a small quibble. I didn’t count my answer as right, but actually “Halloween” in Spanish is Feliz Halloween (Happy Halloween). Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is on Nov 2nd and is part of the three day festival – Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day (Dia de los Muertos). Just FYI. 🙂

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