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“Is watching Ginger Snaps, because it is better than Digestives Crumbling into the coffee!”

There are days when l amaze and amuse myself with some of this supposed intelligence l am reputedly gifted with. One of these aspects is the notes to self range. Tis a pity l pay no heedance to the scripts! Today is a classic alongside the infamous line of ‘l only told you to blow the bloody doors off!! Nothing remotely intelligent about that, however some biscuits just don’t dunk!!”

You know?”

Rory Matier


Evelyn: Yes
[It is builder’s tea]
Evelyn: , we dunk biscuits into it.
Sunaina’s Brother: Dunk?
Evelyn: Means lowering the biscuit into the tea and letting it soak in there and trying to calculate the exact moment before the biscuit dissolves, when you whip it up into your mouth and enjoy the blissful union of biscuits and tea combined. It’s more relaxing than it sounds.

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”


This is an awesome treasured gem to have found – thoroughly enjoyed listening to it!

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  1. This is nice. 😂

    In unrelated news’, would you please link me to the 1000 Words Worth directory for season 1 and 2.
    I can’t seem to locate them on your site. Thank you

    1. Hey Dante, the 1000 Words as a series was stopped back in February this year, and so the directories were removed. Lack of interest to the running, l will see what l can dig up from the archives though 🙂

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