Country Boy Living!

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Country Boy Living!

Lived have l, in the big towns and the noisy cities,
And they were fine, but lack simplicity,
I am at my best it has to be said,
Surrounded by natures’ pastures spread,
Give me the green of the countryside any day,
Where l can smell good living and that raw bouquet,

Open rolling fields under a vast window of sky,
Waking in the morning to that and l know l am alive!
Gone for me now, is the clutter of noisy living,
Look back not do l, with any serious misgivings,
Each and every day do l see such wondrous views,
Rarely now do l ever feel saddened or even remotely blue,

No truer peace for my weary and tired soul,
Have l found but here, for now l am again whole,
Walking down flower covered tracks and back lanes,
Making me calmer in thought and eases my pains,
Unbeknownst to many that once l was a busy city man,
For now l enjoy country boy living and am a huge fan!

How one cannot see true beauty here amongst the green,
Where the air is of the purest quality and so, so clean,
Meadows that stretch before my eyes for miles,
Tranquil scenes of such splendour bringing me to smile,
Feeling that at long long last, l am finally at home,
That now l have truly found where l belong.

Working with and watching the horses that l attend,
Allows me the freedom to dream and more importantly to mend,
Country living comes with a serenity of its very own,
That cannot be found in the city or any town,
Now all need to do to make my life totally complete,
Is to find me a country girl, who is loving and is so sweet,

I have dated glamour girls, and those of next door,
But it is a country girl l am a needing now to love and adore,
One who like me, enjoys the brush of the countryside air,
Not afraid of the wind nor of the rains in her hair,
Who knows how to have a good time and is carefree,
Rich in spirit, and is as laid back, now like me!

© Rory Matier 2012

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24 thoughts on “Country Boy Living!

  1. A lovely poem! It must have been written before winter though😉🥶😂Although…a country girl to share body heat with would make winter much more tolerable👍😂

  2. She was a country girl, of course
    A country girl upon a horse
    Then laying by a mountain stream
    A country girl within a dream

    But then there was the city chick
    Exciting nights. When hearts go quick
    City lights. The city beat
    Love found us on the city street

    Girls from North, East, South and West
    I don’t know which I like the best
    I answer when I hear the call
    Girls. I guess I like them all.

  3. Lovely poem my friend 🌹 😢 😀.

    Country life is a hard life but a much calmer way of life full of beauty you don’t find in the city, I really do miss it. 😢 😀


        1. Oh right, got you – l have never been to America so at times its very hard to picture this … l have been to Puerto Rico, Curacao and Panama but not North America.

        2. Well it would be like living out side of any any big city the suburban areas around a city’s down town where there’s lots of houses and a few stores here and there.

          BY FOR NOW

        3. Got you – here we call them villages and villages usually in the UK are in the country – do you see the confusion element from me.

          But there are many types of village you have deep country [rural villages] and then you have villages on the outskirts of the cities that are not Towns.

          Then you have towns which are not cities, but are also surrounded by villages and the country.

          Towns are bigger, way bigger than the villages usually, and have quite afew shops but are not huge like the cities.

          So small woodland areas here as an example where l am – and l am in what they call a large village, but that is just due to the fact this village has 1900 people to it, but it only has one shop, three pubs and one butchers and l think a locksmith and that’s it for the village. But we have woodlands here, that we walk in.

  4. Well they say there’s something like 1.2 million people that live around here in Orlando, my wooded area is only a couple of parsexs big it’s in-between a couple of housing developments and people don’t walk around out here it’s like nomans land just us bogey people live out here 😂.


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