Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Spooky Tales – Challenge 1

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The Halloween Bash 2019! –

31st October to 02nd November

Introduction –

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The Halloween Monster Bash 2019 challenge from 11.55am 31st October  [UK Time] to 11.55pm 02nd November 2019 [UK Time]. Winners will be decided upon on Sunday 03rd November and notified accordingly on the 4th November 2019. 

The competition comprises of three main ‘challenges’  ‘Spooky Tales,  Splice and Seek and Mystery Challenge’  that’s it. There will be other non entry features such as charades and the so on, but to be considered an active entrant to this competition you do have to take part.

Winners are decided upon on those who actively take part in all three set challenges, whilst runner’s up are decided on those who take part in between 1 – 3 challenges. So if you only do 1 or 2 of the challenges you are considered an entrant to the competition.

In the previous competition [2018] it was all quite complicated … no more. The Halloween Monster Bash is to be a annual event and it has now been designed to be simpler and more user friendly – after all – it is supposed to be fun!

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Challenge 1# Spooky Tales

Halloween Monster Bash 2019 – Thursday 31st October 2019

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Please include a ping back to A Guy Called Bloke  so l don’t miss the challenge entry but also please leave your link to your tale/story in the comments section below on account that WordPress pingbacks are not always reliable and l do not wish to miss out on anyone’s content.

Thank You

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Spooky Tales

Please write a story, tale or poem using the following Words, Phrases and Titles’

Words/PhrasesTo Use [Extra points for all used]

Blobbed Bits!

Cannibal [or] Sweet Faced Child with a strange look!

“Stiffy Alert!”

“I scream,  you scream, ice cream!”

Hobgoblin [or] Ghost

Zombie [or] Undead

“They’re coming to take me away .. ho ho, he he etc!”

Shadow [or] Crazed Lunatic

“Not tonight, l have a …

Title of Story/Tale/Poem Choice

My Creepy Dead Lover’s Thang!

Not That Bottle Mummy!

The Cavern Beneath The Lost Sunken City Beneath The Cavern ..

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