Monster Bash Spookie Tooones! #6

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Welcome to Monster Bash Spookie Tooones!

Seven Days of Song and Film!

The Top 30 Halloween Films and the Top 20 Halloween Songs!

1 – Hereditary – 2018

When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren begin to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry, trying to outrun the sinister fate they have inherited.

2 – House of 1000 Corpses – 2003

An empty fuel tank and a flat tire lead two couples down a terror-riddled road to the House of 1000 Corpses. “House of 1000 Corpses” is at its core a story of family – a cast of twisted individuals who, with each slash of a throat or stab thru the chest, add bodies to their sick human menagerie.

3 – Mother! – 2017

A young woman spends her days renovating the Victorian mansion that she lives in with her husband in the countryside. When a stranger knocks on the door one night, he becomes an unexpected guest in their home. Later, his wife and two children also arrive to make themselves welcome. Terror soon strikes when the beleaguered wife tries to figure out why her husband is so seemingly friendly and accommodating to everyone but her.

4 – Jeepers Creepers – 2001

After making a horrific discovery in the basement of an old abandoned church, Trish (Gina Philips) and her brother Darry (Justin Long) watch their routine road trip home from college turn into a heart-stopping race for their lives. They find themselves the chosen prey of an indestructible force that relentlessly pursues them and gives a new and chilling meaning to the old song “Jeepers Creepers.”

So of these ‘main four’ which was your favourite? Which one still rates as a horror?


The Addams Family Theme song


Highway To Hell – ACDC

Of these three tracks Which is on the highway to hell as a zombie?

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The Halloween Bash 2019

Midnight 30th October to Midnight 31st October 2019

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