List Ticker’s Dream Garden Day Again!

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It’s always a bonus to have a happy helpful OCD assistant!

List Ticker’s Dream Garden Day Again!

Part 2

Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

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Welcome back to Part 2, if you didn’t see Part 1 – here it is .. List Ticker’s Dream Garden Day!

I plan to make season 3 of Doin’ The Dirt … Eh a bumper series filled with all sorts of information concerning winter preparations for the composter and the vegetable grower/gardener. From my point of view if you are in a position to produce your own compost then l strongly suggest you grab that opportunity by the tendril and pull it hard!

There are so many benefits to composting! But here’s five.

Adds valuable nutrients to your soil and retains your soil’s moisture

You are in complete control of the ‘ins and outs’ of your garden’s soil composition and so you can keep chemicals out!

It saves energy – by reducing waste disposal – and increases your activity levels with the exercising and digging!

Buying compost is an extremely costly and expensive affair – producing your own saves you money – doesn’t get much simpler than that in my books.

Plus, think on it – you are lowering your carbon footprint, can become one with nature and are doing your bit for the environment. There are so many issues of concern with our world today – it is overwhelming and for some understandably quite frightening – composting will not STOP some of the bigger concerns – BUT if we could all do it, we stand to lower from our perspective methane emissions from entering the atmosphere. By composting at home we are sending less to landfills which are damaging the systems.

My first main task was to clear the existing space that the composter took up – my aim was to get this completed before Suze returned from Canterbury, so together we could set up the new system. Although, Suze was the hero there as she insisted or her OCD did of creating the final product.

First however l had to get the current heap ready for the compost accelerator [urine/water mix] and so added the garden’s content from the sweeping, raking and weeding [yes l am now adding weeds to my heap] as well as our kitchen wastes, leaves and cardboard such as egg boxes and rained on cardboard boxes. I had a load of cardboard boxes spare, as well as packing paper so left them out in the rain for the week, tore off staples and sellotape and tore them up and added them on top of the heap.

I guess l spent an hour preparing up the old heap ready for covering and a couple of times especially as the height exceeded the containment, climbing in and stomping it down to make more room.

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After several stompings, leaves, soft twigs, paper, cardboard and griddled soils were added, l added the urine accelerator and covered her up. Point of note, for further down into this post and when you see the new system – if you look at the size comparisons of the old open pallet set up and the new closed compost units – there is a considerable difference between the two. I have three new models and currently two are set up as the old system takes up the space of the third. Where you see the half eggshells – four panels up. Everything above them is actually the current heap or the 2019/2020 heap to be worked. Everything below is ‘compost awaiting sieving. So the three units and under the new ‘no rules’ management will be ample for my reqirements.

The New Compost Model

I had to clear out the units next to the existing pallet model in order to clear as much space as l could. Each new unit is 3 feet by 3 feet and so with three l needed 9 feet, however with the actual compost tubs in situ [for sieved compost] l only had 8 feet freed up, which is why two new models could only be set up. But they are nifty, no screws make them so very easy to slip and slide in with each other. Once the pallets were down, the ground had to be dug slightly and levelled. But once done, the space was clear and ready.

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I ‘ll let the next few images do the talking…………

“Smile for the camera …. yes, that’s it ‘work it!”

Our little forepaws inspecting her Mummy’s work and performance!

“I love it when a plan comes together!”

The beauty of this new system is there no need for pulling open pallet gates which can be quite cumbersome as they are cable tied, there is now no need for seriously damaging over shoulder work and lifting. To gain easy access it is a simple case of filling each cubicle and when it comes to turning which this season there be more than previous seasons is removing a slice at a time and then closing it back up and covering.

These are waterproof and treated [non-chemically] to prevent rot however l don’t want to experience any warping as that ‘might’ happen, they say it wont, but the Mr Cynical in me well, ha ha say no more! So l have chosen to cover the three units with a large ground sheet.

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I will erect the third unit sometime in November but for the time being that’s it folks thanks for reading and welcome to the new compost system for 2020 compost production.

Next episode [this week] l will be discussing Ava the Avocado, my new compost siever and the ‘no rules’ composting with a bit extra.

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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