What’s ON For You Today?

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What’s ON For You Today?

An easier question for Sunday  …

After more or less two weeks worth of rain, the skies are clearer … there is even some blue skies desperate to break through the grey clouds. So today, l am planning to spend some much needed time in the garden for winter gardening prep, compost system prep [hopefully] and digging and rooting around generally at one with nature.

With a few gardening seasons under our belts here now [2017/18 and 19], with success and failures of one sort or another with regards growing and the harvests – Suze and l are planning a very different season here for 2020.

We have four raised beds here and we have ummed and ahhed as to whether we are going to be using them next year – but we also have a collections of assorted sizes of containers which we believe we can utilise to be more effective in terms of production and vegetable yields, so are going to work on those.

We are dreadfully behind on a few things but we have the technology, the tools and the vision in mind to produce a more efficient garden for next year.

Now that aside, how about you? What do you have planned in for today?

Let me know below in the comments section, but also let me know if you might like to take part in a guest writer capacity for a new series l have planned in for later this year on a host of topical subjects.

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27 thoughts on “What’s ON For You Today?

  1. I have been at work Friday and Saturday but I’ve got today off. I’ve just had 4 hours of playing games with my grandson but he’s gone home to his mums house now. So, for the rest of the day I’m chilling with the wife watching a couple of movies 😊

  2. Jack and me are chilling out today. I have six days of work ahead of me – Monday I am working an twelve hour day, Tuesday a ten hour day. Then for the next four days it will be long days too. Next time I will be able to relax will be one week today.

    So…today is all about recovering from a hectic last week, and preparing for an intense week ahead!

    We just had some curry for lunch. We are going for a walk this afternoon, it seems to be a nice day. He wants to watch Jurassic World later (he said it is on TV)…but I am not sure I would enjoy that. Still…I could snuggle up next to him and do some work online. We will see. I don’t want to be doing work on my one day off . Just want to switch off completely.

    1. Hey Mel, excellent news, long days ahead, l remember those days when l was in catering. Banqueting season four months of non stop 20 hours days, don’t miss them at all – so have a totally chilled afternoon 🙂

  3. I have work to do today, but it’s not bad. I will do it at home on my laptop in a relaxed way. Then I want to continue my cleanup project in preparation for moving soon. Maybe I can sneak in a post later…

  4. What do I have planned for today? To stay inside. It’s snowing. SNOWING! And it’s not even November yet. This is not unheard of in Utah, but it is a tad depressing. It means the rumors that it’s gonna be a long cold winter are TRUE.

    1. Snowing?? Gees you know for some reason for me and this shows my complete and utter ignorance – but UTAH and snow, l just never figured on lol 🙂

      Stay warm Melanie.

  5. Ahhh… the evil Santa Ana has finally departed!💃🤸‍♀️🎉 the weather is supposed to be mid to high 70s for the next two weeks with some mid 80s next weekend 😯BLISS!

    Older daughter had work last night so I’m on solo Ben’s peasant duty today while she sleeps. I’m planning to spend all day in my pajamas ☕🧘‍♀️🤙

    1. Hey Angie, coolio then, l shall add your name to the list 🙂

      Yes, l have quite a few series ‘mentioned’ and unmentioned between now and this time next year 🙂

  6. It was pouring rain here. Perfect time to do some cleaning in the house and cooking. Now, I’m going to read for the next two hours. Need to relax a little. It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow at work. Have a great week ahead Rory.

      1. Thank you my friend, ya it’s a crappy life but it’s better then the one I had before at the hell hole !!!

        Well I did my good deed for the month last night, I was out tell 4 am helping a guy fix his car after other people balled on him 2 days in a row, at least his car was brock down at work so he didn’t have to worry about getting to work.

        BY FOR NOW

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