At times l am baffled by folk and their pleasures,
Especially city folk seeking countryside leisure’s,
Content not with living in their stress filled cities,
Decide do they that the good life is prettier!
Know not obviously, that out here in the sticks,
Not always will they be awarded with their home comforts!

When the electric’s gone down for a day or two,
In December, when it’s cold, will their thoughts be true?
And what pray tell when the water is frozen solid in pipe?
Will they still be seeing the countryside as idyllic?
Mean well perhaps, but make me laugh truly they do,
With their fairy tale dreams and one sided views!

‘Chicken farms smell hellish and should be shut!’
They cry out when the smell lingers disturbing days out!
‘Bloody female fox and her stupid howl!’
“Kept me awake all night!” They shout with a growl,
“What is it with all this mud on the roads?”
“The tractors should be more careful with their loads!”

They complain in the winter at the foot of mud,
Now outside in their garden, that followed the floods!
Or that their drains are now all blocked up,
And that in the city this would have been taken care of!
That it never seemed to rain this hard in town!
Expressing their distaste continually about mucky grounds!

Countryside views now seem to be so desolate and bleak!
Happened what to the surroundings they found mystique?
Tired are they now of the stark glaring cold,
Forget they do, that they were warned and told,
Winters out here can be miserably depressing and hard,
Tearing away the beauty strip by strip and leaving her scarred!

Aye, they make me laugh, truly they do,
With their good life inspirations and one sided views,
The countryside to them has but one golden appeal,
Summer time splendours and pastures genteel,
Down here, we refer to these types as roosters,
Enjoying their company for they are morale boosters!

We know how hard the winter months can be,
How we feel the true weight of the cold winter misery,
But also do we know that there soon comes a time,
When spring and summer return and with them, warmer climes,
But roosters serve to award us many a laugh,
Always fun it is to sort the wheat from the chaff!

© Rory Matier 2019

11 thoughts on “Roosters

  1. Like the name roosters. They do bring money to spend and boost the local businesses. But their simple and idealistic views are seldom in line with reality.

  2. Nice poem Rory 😀.

    That gives me a chuckle 😁, as a old farm girl I know the real side of country life and it’s far from easy.


  3. Growing up my grandparents lived out in the “sticks” I think down their dirt path was maybe 5 houses and that was it for miles and miles, I stayed with them a lot growing up. We would drop my grandma off at work at night and my grandpa would stop at the station his friend owned and fill up the water jugs because we had well water that you couldn’t drink. It would get cold and my grandma would be telling him to take care of the pump and the pipes so they wouldn’t freeze. Walking the dirt road home from the school bus pulling our shoes off and walking barefoot home. All though we liked walking down it, it wasn’t always so pleasant to drive down. I loved it all and can’t wait to live out like that my kids have no idea. I think it is going to be a real shock how it really is but they will warm up to it quickly and love it.

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