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The Dreaded Black Room!

In 2012 l moved into a property [following my years in the caravan] and l had a utility room that was covered floor to ceiling in double spread centre sheets of ‘Angling Times?’ When l took this off, the walls were a right mess and after seeking advice on how best to tackle this .. l was advised to paint it black or put the sheets back up, because the walls were so terrible, that white paint would just look plain awful! I know what you are possibly thinking …”WHO, paints a room totally black??”

…..ย  well – l didn’t realise they were pulling my leg!! Hey, l have been known to be a little gulliable at times ….

There is no bigger fool than l

Mm, black?

Who would have thought a totally black room would be so hard??

Why are some things such hard graft!?

Note to self!!!

When attempting to paint a ceiling, do not stand on a swivel chair because you think it will be easier to move around!

W R O N G !!!

Rory Matier


My life was a sort of series of random disasters.

Claire Tomalin


If my life was a song the title would probably be ‘Clumsy’, ’cause I’m clumsy.

Pia Toscano


You know of course there can ONLY be one song to accompany this Random Quote … right?

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15 thoughts on “Random Quotes 448#

  1. I am equally clumsy. But even I am not that gullible that I would paint a room black, unless it was the โ€œdark roomโ€!!!

        1. Oh wow! You should have gone all out and painted it an ashy grey with craters in it. It would have felt like living on the moon.

  2. That actually was the ” in ” thing to do in the late 80’s early 90’s where I lived and put up black lights.
    Nice post Rory ๐Ÿ˜€.


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