Well You Prompted Me!!

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Well You Prompted Me!!

This week l have seen three prompts that have inspired me to create a singular post from the following bloggers …


The Monday Peeve 6


Fandango’s Provocative Question #45

Thought provokers OR Time pass?

Well You Prompted Me Bomb PNG


The Monday Peeve 6

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you?

That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog.

Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, and link back to me (or not ~ I dgaf), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen! I have feelings!

I have a few peeves this week!

Wet, Wet, Wet!!!

First off, nothing l can do about it – however it’s been non stop bloody rain here in Kent for the last ten to twelve days – what the hell do these so called genius meterologists get paid nearly £60,000 a year for if they can’t even get the sodding weather forecasts right? We were supposed to have at LEAST a couple of days quality sunny days and what did we actually get?? Wet, wet and even more bloody wet – it’s grey and sodding miserable and l don’t even have S.A.D – but it doesn’t stop me from feeling bloody sad l can tell you!

A Car Crash Waiting to Happen!

I am in desperate need of dental work, l experience pain most days in my mouth to such a degree that sadly l have become all too accustomed to it. I have been trying to get to see dentists now for four years. Four years ago, l was supposed to get to the hospital system for serious dental work,[after the private dentist refused to carry out the required work] but the NHS [National Health Service] cancelled the appointments, then we moved from where we were on the Isle of Wight to here in Kent and l am trying to find a local NHS dentist to start the work – in the meanwhile my mouth gets more and more uncomfortable by the day and l look like my inner mouth has stepped on a landmine!

This is proving extremely difficult .. only yesterday l discovered that the new dentist we registered with last October and who said ‘we will call you for your initial assessment’ and haven’t called us to book it – despite us calling patiently throughout the year only to be told “Yes, please be patient, we will call you!” Yet 12 months on and yesterday l had, had enough waiting time and called them again to be told … “Well we are rather busy but we can offer you an appointment in July 2020. Would you like to book that?” [This was said in a serious voice].

[Very long pause by speechless me]

“Hello? Mr Matier are you there?”
“You have got to be joking!”
“Well you should have called us earlier in the year.”
“We called you you said to wait for your call!!”
“No, we didn’t – the onus of responsibility is on you. Now do you want to book an appointment?”
“For July 2020?? That’s ten months on from now! l could be dead or knocked over by a bus inbetween now and then!”
“[Pause] … so is that a yes please?”
“No, it’s a no thank you, that is the most ridiculous thing l have ever heard, l was actually made speechless by your nonsense!”
“Well l can offer you an appointment for two weeks time privately.”
“Oh right, so privately and lucky little me can get seen in two weeks, but the NHS is ten months?”
“Yes, so shall l book you in?”
“No thank you, goodbye.”


“Bloody F#####G Brexit!

It’s doing my head in …. that’s all l can say about it … am sick to the back teeth of the bloody lot of them! Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery! Bloody politicians! Our country is sinking quicker than Venice and where are we three years on from a so called People’s Referendum – the country voted – if this was a business, we would all be unemployed! Yet we have two sides of so called intelligent people voted in by the voter who can’t agree on anything … proud to be British??

You have got to be joking!


Fandango’s Provocative Question #45

Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question. Each week I will pose what I think is a provocative question for your consideration. I missed posting last week’s provocative question because I was busy hosting out-of-town guests and didn’t have time to come up with one. But I’m back this week.

Anyway, by provocative, I don’t mean a question that will cause annoyance or anger. Nor do I mean a question intended to arouse sexual desire or interest.

What I do mean is a question that is likely to get you to think, to be creative, and to provoke a response. Hopefully a positive response.

Are there limits to human creativity? Is it be possible for humans to create something completely novel and new that is based on nothing that previously existed? Or is human creativity just rearranging and building on previous ideas?

I loved this question from Fandango as it is one of those deep questions very specifically designed to make you ponder hard … are we able to generate and create new imaginations?

The answer l think is both yes and no … but it is reflective upon Time and the Time we live in and or even the Times we live in.

Many newly ‘created’ ideas are sparked and regenerated by ideas natured and nurtured from previous ideas and it is a l believe an ever evolving and involving process. The wheel when first created was ingenius and yet all this time on and whilst the initial idea is still in use – it has evolved and changed and been recreated to encompass a much broader spectrum of use and in turn generates new concepts and ideas.

The NO side to the answer is that creativity is reflective upon what people notice as Brutus of Richmond Road highlighted himself …

Richmond Road October 23, 2019 / 3:45 am

Everything already was, is, and will be. So the concept of ‘creating’ anything is meaningless. The most we can do is notice things. But there is lots to notice.

It comes down to noticing ‘things’ – seeing gaps or niches not being thoroughly explored YET and then working to recreate something more efficient or ‘new’ to the eyes at the time.

Whilst we think we might be creative today there is a goodly chance what we are thinking is new is not new and imagined creatively, but the difference is we have simply recreated an existing concept and simply rebooted and reenergised it to suit our needs again.

Is the question really ‘can we create something new or can we create something totally original and unique?’ As opposed to simply recreating and improving upon something already imagined and created from before?

However – look at what the world has created in the last twenty, fifty, hundred and two hundred years alone as examples … 200 years ago, the minds of the time were creating  recreations and original concepts to the previous 200 years and 200 years on we are still creating, recreating and designing unique opportunities for both today and tomorrow. BUT, in 200 years from now, whilst they will still be utilising imaginations from today it will be in a marginal form to what we use now and what they used 200 years ago.

In short – yes and no – but l believe that human creativity and the diversity of the mind is reflective upon the Time Window they find their minds in. This theory would apply to everything.

Thought provokers OR Time pass?

Question posts, where a blogger posts one or more questions for readers to answer, are quite popular on the web. You can answer them in the comments section or write a separate post in reply.

It is the norm to link back to the “questioner” in your answering post.

But what is the place of such posts in the blogosphere and on social media in general?

I have listed a few questions below to gather what people think about these question posts. You can answer them by leaving a reply in my comments section or create an independent post. If you are making a reply as a separate post please tag it:

#question posts


Do you respond to question posts?

Yes l do if they have a provoking/provocative aspectation to them and if they stimulate and tickle my brain in such a way that l find them entertaining – then yes l will always [time providing] give attention to them.

What kind do you prefer, the single “long form” question or the “questionnaire” type with several questions?

I like all of them – it isn’t the format they arrive in – it is literally if they have triggered a mental response and appealed to me. I am not always keen on simple yes or no answers and prefer to have open ended depth to them, so l can take a meaty bite and get stuck into it, after some thorough thought. But also taken into consideration is my mood of the day. If l am in a bouncing off the wall and my mind is doing naughty flips, l’ll not be seeing serious questions as serious and tend to avoid answering questions that day unless of course they too are rocking.

Do you feel such posts add value to your blog?

People – love answering questions – and generally if the questions are asked in certain ways you can tease answers to many different question genres – but this too is reflective upon their time, their identity comfort, how they feel within their skin and mind, the time of day and of course where they are in so far as ‘answering frame wise’  for their mind. I try to ask as many different varieties of questions as l can – making them both diverse and neurodiverse. I love the way the human mind ticks, but also years ago l used to profile people for a living – so asking questions for me is always a kind of fact finding mission. The right question asked and answered can tell you more about that person than they think their answer alone reveals.

Do they add value to your blog and enticing to your readership? Yes, they can do.

When faced with insightful questions how much of your personality are you willing to reveal?

I award my own readership roughly 95 – 98% of my personality anyway l am in many ways a true WYSIWYG [What you see is what you get] and l tend to believe in open honesty. I will answer most questions and the only time l won’t is when the question might hit that 2 – 5% barrier ‘ reflective’ my mood for the day. On positive days l am 98% question  responsive, whilst on other days l am only about 95% question responsive.

Do you think people answer question posts truthfully?

Totally reflective of the question and the way the question is teased or styled. Most of the time people will answer 65% honestly and when they don’t it is because the question has hit a raw nerve somewhere. People answer what they are comfortable with and if they are not comfortable they either use humour or cynicism to respond or play it neutral or simply leave the question well alone.

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16 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!!

    1. Hi Tanya, yeah l don’t have a reblog button l don’t think due to the account now being on a commercial platform, l also lost the reblog function on other blogs as well – these days l have to very specifically create a new linked post 🙂

  1. Only commenting because of your dental ‘peeve’. GO TO THE DENTIST. Privately (I know it costs more than your yearly housing costs to do so, but please do it). My father was sort of like you in that he did not care too carefully for his teeth. Plus my parents were on Medicare and Social Security payments and were dirt poor. Health insurance (in this country) doesn’t cover dental work – or nothing of substance any way. Pop ended up having to get all his teeth pulled because they had rotted so badly there was no saving them. He had to get dentures (which are wickedly expensive – both to buy and maintain) and he hated them so much that he actually broke two pair. Finally he just refused to wear them most of the time and learned to love soft foods. Now all that is personal choice. If you don’t mind it that your teeth are really really bad, that’s your initiative. The worst part is that teeth, if untreated and left to go their own way, as they rot can cause systemic (body wide) blood infections and other illness that can actual be lethal. I don’t want you to die, I’m sure Suze and Scrappy don’t want you to die. Gingerly bite that bullet and get to the dentist. NOBODY (on any side of the pond) loves going there. Painful and expensive? Bonkers. But think about what it means please. At least take that July appointment or find out if they have a reserve (if someone doesn’t show up or cancels at the last moment) someone else can have the spot. Lordie.

    1. I have made a consultation appointment today at a different dentist Melanie. I am not waiting until July because l can’t wait until July.

      I am paying privately for a consultation appointment like l did back in 2015 ‘privately’ for the so called best dentist on the island refuse to take the job on board and pushed me to go via NHS .. because it’s not a quick fix in so far as dislocating and breaking the jaw to mould it back to where it needs to be – many dentists are afraid to take the job on board despite me signing declarations to say ‘Take them out and plate me’ so they are very keen to push me back into the NHS.

      When the train door hit me in 89, it fractured the jaw in such a way that it did a lot of long lasting long term damage and dozens of hairline fractures back then couldn’t be dealt with.

      Dentists in this country have always been problematic and more so in the last 15 years as they are declining…

      A lot of private practices simply don’t have the equipment on board to tackle the problems associated with my jaw – so they try and get me into the NHS – but l need to see a dentist first before that can happen.

      If l pay for a private consultation as l have just done now, and trust me that is hard enough just getting a dentist to see people for that alone takes time.

      To do my work privately will cost about £18000 and l am not willing to pay that – all of that in one hit, but l need a dental plan and work done by the NHS who don’t offer dental plans — do you see the problems here?

      So l have made an appointment for a consultation first and foremost and see what they say 🙂

  2. Dental ain’t cheap! I have been down that road. I suffered for years and years with a majority of my teeth just being rotting roots broken off at the gum line.

    When I got my initial settlement I went to an oral surgeon. Skipped the dentist entirely. It cost me around $6K to have all the teeth removed. It would have been more but I opted for no anesthesia(extra $3K for sleepy gas). Yep, awake the whole time, drove myself home after.

    Then the cost and delay and numerous appointments to get full dentures. That was another $5K. And I didnt have any jaw problems.

    I hope that after the initial visit they can get you straight to the front of the line with an oral surgeon that knows what they’re doing. Play up the heart disease risk, make them worried you might cause a major fuss if they dont get to it. Sometimes we gotta be a squeaky wheel!

    1. Hey Grandma, yes, it’s not that pleasant a journey, l am aware, l had a rough quote a few years ago. Sadly we can’t get to go to the surgeons direct unless we are referred by a dentist here first which is what l am hoping will happen.

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