Dear Blog – 16.29 – 24/10/19

Round – Up Update!

Blimey blimey! It’s only Thursday and already it’s been a week of all sorts of alsorts! So a quick update round up of my Sunday to Thursday alsorts.


IMG_2228 (2)

In the last week ten days or so we have had non stop rains, even now it is tipping it down, but the sun is shining but it’s too wet to actually do anything with! I suppose this is a better day in so far as at least because of the sun you can see the day in comparison to when it’s so grey you can’t see anything let alone the day!

Rather worringly l discovered some black spots on the leaves of our avocado “Ava” – in the middle very different to the normal black crispy edges to the leaves we sometimes see as a result of too much salt in the water. In Kent and this close to the chalky coast as we are, you may have seen me address this salt problem in the gardening series this year, but we have exceedingly high salt content not just in the mains water which plays havoc with both my own skin and Suze’s too but also in the falling rains, it can also be seriously aggressive to some plants and the avocado plant is one.

This is another variation of the salt bacteria that can affect this plant type in the UK – if l want to try and keep the plant secure then l have to go through quite a process with distilled water, but l shall explain that in the next episode of Doin’ The Dirt – if it doesn’t work we will have two further options only – 1] destroy the plant or 2] cut her down very short again in a hope it will grow through fresh.  It’s quite sad, but early days and l am optimistic.

Nb: It’s also a possible rootbound issue – this is a tree that wants to grow to 60 feet!



Well l took the plunge and ordered my new compost system which arrived yesterday and the above image is what it will look like when we have it set up and completed this coming Sunday [provided the bloody rains stop as forecast!]


It’s a flat pack system which is like Lego in so far as it all slots together, but Suze and l are assembling that together this weekend, and l am quite excited … l know, it’s the little things for this kid! But l also ordered some nice new lidded black bins – and currently reviewing a complete overhaul for our external water storage system – shame all this rain is falling on our heads now and our three existing water butts are already filled and overspilling!!


Me and My Shad ..Oh!!!

That’s not right!! Me and my Hairy Paunch is though!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after a shower? You come through strutting your stuff and then catch sight of yourself?? Oh lord, at that rate, l am thinking of having all the mirrors removed! Where is my younger self? Where is the strapping physique l used to have at 26 ? Oh yeah, that’s right 30 years ago is where it is. But where is the physique l had in 2017 which is only two years ago?

The shoulder injury and the stress of a dog that is no longer able to exercise like she once did leave me and my hairy paunch looking awful! Am determined this winter to streamline and slimline that down. I am a hairy gorilla of sorts … well the top half of me is everything below my pelvis obviously wasn’t in the same queue when they were handing out the hairy legs, and so l look like a hairy silverback gorilla from the pelvis up and a balding sparow from the pelvis down – it’s not a great look on a guy who doesn’t sport a tan. It’s passable more so, when you don’t have a paunch that when you put on your boxer shorts the top edge curls over!! Joys, ha ha — there will be lots of challenges for activity and exercise this winter l feel!

Meanwhile Note to Self – avoid mirrors!


Stop Needling Me!

Suze and l had our flu jabs today … l say that like a pro don’t l? I have never had a flu jab before, but Suze having not long been out of hospital last month says she was full of little pricks almost everyday … made me think? Really, so why were you so keen to leave then? She says l was a bit of a wussy with my needle … l wasn’t but a needle in the upper arm is different to needles taking blood – it seems more personal ha ha – like taking blood isn’t?? At least this needle wasn’t like the needle that broke in 72 when l was 9. That thing was a monster and that was just the nurse, but the needle back then was almost 2 inches long!

Then it snapped in my arm, made a massive mess of me back then, so much so the scar 47 years later is still 2cm round! So l have always been wary about needles .. but this one was only half an inch long – but yowcher l still felt it! But then as l said to Suze l haven’t been so lucky to be filled daily with little pricks recently! Too many pricks at once is just plain messy!

There’s a Dragon in the house!!


Last year, with an injured shoulder, so many of you suggested ‘letting my voice do the typing’, so l eventually got myself a Dragon by Nuance and only the other day did l attempt to start to activate it. I still have fifty or so of my father’s stories that aren’t harping on about French women  to add to the blog, so figured it was worth a go.

Should be fine, but it has a few issues with my voice or the way l pronounce certain words like May or more specifically May 4th 2019…..!

I must have repeated that line fifty times of my own trying to get the damn Dragon to accept it … in the end l gave up, l was tiring of saying May the Fourth [be with you!]. But it should be interesting to see how that fares and l can let you all know.

Scrappy Update


24th October 2019 3.55pm

A lot of you ask after both Suze and Scrappy, well Suze’s update is below but as to Madam la Scrappy ….

She is holding her own admittedly, this is a dog that most assuredly didn’t get the memo saying she was unwell … the K9 impairment we have gotten used to well of sorts. She has bad nights and days and better nights and days. Her arthritis is still bad, but she never fails to amaze either one of us on an almost day to day basis.

She sleeps more, she is an old dog it’s what they do – she sleeps for longer periods of time than she used to even as little as two months ago … but considering it was June when the vets said she probably wouldn’t have long …. mm. Yeah about that?

Walking is now one morning walk daily and one additional walk three times a week only as twice daily is hard for her legs .. but walking is strange – the morning walk is a  very slow 10 minute sniffing stroll out and when we reach the poo bin ten minutes away suddenly Scrappy is like the Roadrunner and is almost galloping back home and l do mean galloping  – she is still a strong dog for powerhouse when she wants to … but the return legging is for the peanut treat, a Dentastix and then sleepies time! It’s bizarre behaviour, and not the sort you expect from a crippled dawg!!

The other odd behaviour is her new nightly routine of ‘Herding’ Suze to bed – Scrappy likes to retire for the night at 10pm and gets very moody and huffy with Suze if she isn’t in bed at 10pm! So she starts to body slam into Suze and trying to walk her to the bedroom as if to say “What time do you think this is young lady?? It’s bedtime and l want to go to bed and so you should too!!” It’s hard to explain with mere words, but it’s very funny at times but also stressful – but that is part of the cognative impairment with dogs apparently – the need for strict and stern routines is a must!

Suze gets pissed off because Scrappy doesn’t do it to me … Scrappy knows l retire later, so l think she deep down is getting Suze ready for returning to work.

However – Scrappy is indeed holding her own and apart from everything mentioned is still good.

Shoulder Update

I don’t think l will ever have the same power in my right arm as it was prior to the injury occuring in January 2018 .. and even using it as much as l am, l am still in a lot of discomfort daily, l just don’t use any medications or sprays for it now. I am eager to start the composting season to build the strength up that way.



Back to Work Time

Suze was in Australia for two weeks between late June and early July this year you may recall and came back with a serious flu/virus which initially had her experience a week off work initially not long after returning to work from her break. A week after that she was then not just off work but admitted into hospital with amongst other things in relation to a virus but an infectious sepsis strike on her chest!

Well all in all, since June she has been off either ill, in hospital or recouperating at home. Yesterday was her first appointment with her work to start her phasing in for the next six weeks – come next Monday she will be returning to work for mornings only and then starting full time again from  end November.

Suze in all of her years working has NEVER had nearly three months off work. Her MRI was last Thursday and that has come back clear so all she is awaiting to hear from now is her consultant to say all is well.  She is way better than she was, and says ‘Thanks to you all’ for your good wishes. Suze came to understand and realise only by being off and feeling the way she is now – just how run down and how ill she really was back in August.

Results are IN!

I got my results back in from the nutrition blood test and that was interesting to see which foods cause me serious issues … a few l knew about, and nothing was overly new. I am still to do the stool test which will hopefully reveal what causes the gut to violently react.

But foods l now have to remove from my diet are:

Cow Milk [don’t use]

Peas and all varieties related to. [Bummer]

Egg White [Dayum]

Barley/Wheat [Don’t have in diet anyway]

Corn/Maize [Mm]

Red Kidney Bean

Yeast [Brewers] [Good job l don’t drink then]

Potato [Don’t eat, but oh no!! No more chips!!]

White Haricot Bean [Mm]

Cashew Nut [mm, well no baddie they make me fart terribly!! Just as well perhaps!]

A whole lot of other foods are still okay, but l knew most of these answers anyway as my diet is very restrictive] It will be the second test that will probably take more of the good foods away. We’ll see. But you know, pooping onto a cardboard box is just not on the top of my list of things to do as favourite past times! It will be done!

All in all l was quite pleased…ish.

Anyway, that’s the round up for this week .. but don’t start me on the rain, Brexit or dentist wait times!

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Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.29 – 24/10/19

  1. I’m so happy that Suze is doing so well! I was very much afraid, and TBH still a little concerned. She should pay better attention to her health.
    And you too Mr Rory! Dont push the shoulder when you get some dry weather. Baby steps!
    Ok lecture over😁

    I can totally picture Scappy herding Suze off to bed. 😂
    I’m glad that she seems to be holding relatively steady.

    Your diet restrictions are totally sucky! Those are most of my favorite foods! But you gotta do what you gotta do.🤷‍♀️

    Hope the sun & heat leave me soon and head your way! Wouldn’t want you to start moldering on top of everything else😉

      1. Unfortunately it got worse… ongoing drama that will hopefully be resolved later today. 🤞
        I’m still hanging on though and finding the laughter where I can. Thank you for asking💌

  2. Glad to hear Suze is better and headed back to work and glad to hear Miss Scrappy is doing alright, my shoulder still gives me problems when I use my arm and I’ve lost stragth in my hand even from it so I know what your talking about.


      1. Well my shoulder problem is from a industrial transmission falling on it a couple of years ago. 😞

        BY FOR NOW

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