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Wednesday Scales Its A Beautiful Day

Welcome to Season 7 –

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Another Wednesday – another Humpday it is too! Please do make sure that you get as much humping in and out and in and out as you can today – always remember HUMPing is healthy!


Quote of the Day!

Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.



Top Positivity Song for the day!



Votes Received

Dedicated To

Remember Me – Journey, Steve Augeri

Dawn of Proud Translady


So far with the Top 99 Positivity Happy Song Line Up we have had 9 Songs which have been dedicated to those who requested them – we have 90 songs left! Another 9  days at 2 votes each, then we move into our 3’s!

We have dedicated so far songs to :

Dawn of Proud Translady

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Julie de Rohan

Suzanne of Ellie894

Kamber Shaffer


I would be surprised if you weren’t yet aware of these fantastic writers – but if as of yet you are not … then you know what to do! That’s right – check them out!



Do you have any favourite tracks from the 70’s you would like to hear?? Let me know below in the comments section. 1971 – 1979.


Part 2

1968 is Angie of King Ben’s Grandma year and so today’s songs are dedicated to celebrate her year of birth. ’68 when the music industry started to really evolve …again and a start a whole new generation of swingers … literally! Grooving had a whole new term!

“Scarborough Fair” – Simon & Garfunkel

“Sunshine Of You Love” – Cream

“Magic Carpet Ride” – Steppenwolf

”Suzie Q” – Credence Clearwater Revival

“Lady Madonna” – The Beatles

“Judy In Disguise” – John Fred & His Playboy Band

“Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

“Nobody But Me” – Human Beinz

“Hello, I Love You” – The Doors

“Love Child” – The Supremes

What’s going to put the bounce in your day?

Suzette Benjamin has requested 1969’s The Turtles To See The Sun on Thursday, Thursday and Friday are 1969 do you have any favourites from that year you would like to hear? Let me know today please.

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29 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day!

              1. What the chipmunks? They are awesome and currently their voices are travelling at the same speed of my brain, so their songs sound like the normal pace ha ha 🙂

  1. Good morning Rory! Happy Wednesday! And thank you 😊
    I’m a bit behind at the moment 🙃 but with good tunes I’ll catch up soon 🎈

  2. Good evening to you JB! I hope your day was fab! I saw your comment to Sadje and that you were bouncing and silly, I hope that stayed with you.

    Thanks for day 2 of songs from ’68💌

  3. Good morning Rory 😀, hope you have another chipper day. 😁 And thank you. 😀
    You had to mention those bloody Chipmunks now I’ve got them running throw my head. 😂


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