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Dedicated Topic For Today: ”Life Style”

Today’s topic is about ‘Going Nutty and Letting Go!’ – l am in a remarkably brilliant mood – this is NUT unnusual for me, however l didn’t want to simply squirrel the topic away and thought you know what or is is that WHUT let’s just go a little KKKrazy today and find quotes that are ‘off the wall!’ I have been listening to the Chipmunks all morning – l know ha ha ha ha!! But in addition to two nutty quotes add in a favourite ‘nutty crazy feel good track of your own too!’

Have fun – Life’s Too Dayum short not too right?

Life is nutty; anything can happen.

Paul Shaffer


Life is nutty, so it’s good to sing and have a good time.

Cindy Wilson

My 3 NUTTY Bloggers For Today Are:

Fandango of This, That and The Other an all rounded nice nutty guy!

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad a hard core serious NUTTY fan of the Chipmunks!

Lisa of Lismore Paper an autumnal nutter!

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Monday 11th November 2019

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